May 28, 2009

Dark Night

I walk on lonely road
Seeing the sky above
Seeing the dark night
Lonely and dark like black stone
Time is like going nowhere
I know that I must to see again
Sometimes in the dark
I see everything seems
more clearer than daylight
Always remember to feel silence
I open my eyes and ears
Everything is everything
Showing their complete manifestation
Sometimes I disappear in everything
But sometimes when I consider again
Everything is disappear in me
Sometimes I feel lacking
But sometimes I feel complete
Sometimes the sky
pull me out to reach highest place
But sometimes I must lower myself
I must bury myself under the ground

I know there’s something
I must not forget it
Remind where I am here now
Dark night turn to daylight
Night is not always dark
Heart is like the sun
Send the light to everything
What appear in my mind
Clear like crystal ball
Darkness is just empty space
I face narrow road
Road seems never end
I come to final conclusion
There’s nothing I can do
I see everything complete for themselves

If Someone look behind the wall
They think they know everything
But actually not
They know nothing
Everything will comeback
to themselves again
Where is a place to go outside this situation?
They only judge themselves
and make themselves feel bad
Why they are not
try to climb highest place
They will know that sky is limitless
Everything is clear now

Clouds give better appearance to the sky
Why I think like that?
I just see and watch what happening
There’s nothing that block my heart
All clouds are perfect
Let they appear as they wish
I celebrate when they come

Thinking about sadness and happiness
They like a tree sway with the wind
I think is foolish to hold in same position
Come and back, Here and there, Near and far
Stop searching but wait with patiently

See silence as the best place
to know oneself
Time is precious like pearl
I think I must see and feel darkness
Feel the cold wind in the dark night
and I will know the meaning of the light
See everything is black and cold
I let my heart become cold and black
Because if I drowning in a sea of blackness
I can not die in darkness
Darkness make me alive
Darkness can not touch me
And If darkness appear completely
I am free from darkness

May 20, 2009


Sometime simple things
not simple as they appear
Sometimes they are more precious
than anything in the world
Human heart is mysterious thing
Sometimes simple smile
can save someone’s heart
But sometimes simple words
can broke someone’s heart too

I always try to be honest
Maybe someone else not see me like that
Maybe they think I am bad
I know I am bad
I confess my weakness
I don’t need to argue
About good or bad who I m
But within my mind
I always try and try

There’s happiness and there’s sadness too
Human heart always change like window
Sometime open and sometime closed
Why still search permanent thing
This world always changing
Nothing last forever

I climb the mountain
But I am too weak, not strong enough
I fall down from high place
I deserved to this pain
No regret in my heart
I always fall down in the same place
Why I never stop myself to climb the mountain
The mountain is difficult to climb
Too high but still haunts me
I never blame someone or something
I confess my weakness again
Let my heart broken into pieces

It’s useless to search the words
I wish the words will come
without my having asked
I don’t want to show my wound
Let my heart bleed
I lay my body down
No one know where I am
Let the world forget me
I have no power at all
My heart like a broken mirror

I see the sky
The Sky always be there
But sometimes I forget the sky
When I fall down like this
I already know and see The Sky
I am nothing but The Sky is glorious
The Sky always compassion to me
The Sky going down to earth
Only just to help me
Sky raise me up
And show me
How precious I am

I see The Sky again and again
The Sky give smile to me
In the dark night
I see many stars in the sky
Bright and beauty like diamond
Precious but why no one can see
And The Sky show me
How precious I am

I weep for The Sky's grace
I weep to show my happiness
My face soaked with tears
I already fly to sky
Join with the stars
To see the world from distance
and smile to the world
What can I say again?
My true friend always with me
Never abandoned me
Actually I never alone
Always forever
Not alone

May 17, 2009

The Sea Waves

The large waves strike my boat
I think it's difficult to me still on the boat
I try to hold on to the edge of the boat
Fortunately I am still on the boat
But my body soaked with water
I know I must live with the waves

Look around I see the sea only
I don’t want try to see as different
I love the sea
I want to see the sea every day
Why afraid with the waves?
Love of the sea means love its waves

Waves are appear with many form
But I see it’s the same
The waves are manifestation of the sea
Let the waves come
I always long to see the large waves
But sometime I fear about them
There’s nothing that I can do
Anything can be happened
Be honest and be kind for everything

Sea waves will come spontaneously
Let they come as the wish
I give smile to them
“Let the waves come”
I said them again
We are friends
I and the waves
I am alone on this boat
The waves appear to meet me
I appear to meet the waves
We understand each others

I am on the boat
Waves appear over the sea
Nothing of them is real form
They will perish
But the Sea remain the same
The Sea alone always exist

May 16, 2009

Anthem by Deeep Purple (Song Lyric)

When the night wind softly blows through my open window
Then I start to remember the girl that brought me joy
Now the night wind softly blows sadness to tomorrow
Bringing tears to eyes so tired
Eyes I thought could cry no more

If the day would only come
Then you might just appear
even though you'd soon be gone
When I reached out my hand

If I could see you
If only I could see you
To see if you are laughing or crying
When the night winds softly blow

In my dark and whispering room
Memories still bring me a numbness to my feelings
Take my hand and brush my brow
In the warm and fevered dark
Heart is madly beating
My crazy thoughts are burning
When the night winds softly blow

If the day would only come
Then you might just appear
even though you'd soon be gone
When I reached out my hand

If I could see you
If only I could see you
To see if you are laughing or crying
When the night winds softly blow

If the day would only come
Then you might just appear
even though you'd soon be gone
When I reached out my hand

If I could see you
If only I could see you
To see if you are laughing or crying
When the night winds softly blow

May 15, 2009


All the roads are going nowhere
Where to start and begin
Where will them end?
But rain in the outside seems never end
Why will hope to stop it?
I am not going somewhere
I enjoy the rain
and listen its rhythm
with a cup of tea as my friend

In the world of uncertainty
I know nothing
It’s useless to collect many things
All of them will be vanish
And don’t be proud with this body
It will decay and going to earth
Better asking for the rain
To wash everything
Nothing remain
I am nothing
Only dust in the wind

I look up to the sky
and seeing the stars
Always bright in the dark sky
Smile to me with honest
There’s no shadow in their faces
They are always be my friends
I understand what they say
Words, not only just words
Now they are alive
Because they come from the soul
Those words come from the pure heart
All those words will grow
Although in the sand desert