May 17, 2009

The Sea Waves

The large waves strike my boat
I think it's difficult to me still on the boat
I try to hold on to the edge of the boat
Fortunately I am still on the boat
But my body soaked with water
I know I must live with the waves

Look around I see the sea only
I don’t want try to see as different
I love the sea
I want to see the sea every day
Why afraid with the waves?
Love of the sea means love its waves

Waves are appear with many form
But I see it’s the same
The waves are manifestation of the sea
Let the waves come
I always long to see the large waves
But sometime I fear about them
There’s nothing that I can do
Anything can be happened
Be honest and be kind for everything

Sea waves will come spontaneously
Let they come as the wish
I give smile to them
“Let the waves come”
I said them again
We are friends
I and the waves
I am alone on this boat
The waves appear to meet me
I appear to meet the waves
We understand each others

I am on the boat
Waves appear over the sea
Nothing of them is real form
They will perish
But the Sea remain the same
The Sea alone always exist

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