May 2, 2009


I walk on the lonely road
In the night time
Feel the wind blow gently touch my face
I walk with slowly
I don’t miss all that I see
Everything is perfect

See the trees beside the road
Their leaves are bright under streetlight
Seeing puddles on the road
Reflecting image of the tree
I listen to crickets and frogs sing

I see the sky is dark
But I still see the crescent moon and a small stars
Limit my seeing is within sky limit
But I never forget to see the green grasses
I praise all of them in my heart
Such wonderful things

I remember the days has gone
But I can not find my past time
Each time has passed leave no trace
But present time is complete for itself
Time change everything
My body will change and decay
I see myself is the same
I am always I am

I never shut the door
The door always open
Everything may come in
Everything may come out
I give greeting with open heart

I read many books
I think many things too much
But now I realize
I know nothing
I search no more
Stop search the words
It’s better see the green trees
And enjoy listen birds chirp

People sometimes say with certitude
Later they change their opinion
But I don’t blame them
Everything is transient
They talk about impermanent things
I let them say anything
I just listen

It’s useless to change the weather
Sometimes rain and
Sometimes sun so bright
Which one is good one?
I don’t know about good and bad
I think it’s better change my heart
I know my limitation

The mirage water look real
The water of the sea is limitless
But they can not quench my thirst
Only tears of gratitude can quench my thirst
Everything is complete and perfect
In childhood we strove to go to school,
Our turn to teach, joyous as a rule
The end of the story is sad and cruel
From dust we came, and gone with winds cool.
Omar Khayyam
Translate by Shahriar Shahriari.

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