May 2, 2009


Seeing the sunset on the hill ,
Sky and clouds are red and our hearts are red too
We can not understand why everything turns red
Red light meet with red heart
Everything is The One and we’re not thinking anymore
Just to see all this perfect manifestation with tears of gratitude
We know this moment will pass
We don’t see the sun when the night come later
We are ready to go home now
Feel the evening cold wind touch our faces
Let the night come with fullness
Dark sky and clouds are dark
Everything that happen is rainbow in our heart
Praise for the rain and always patient to see
After the rain we see the rainbow
We can not see the rainbow if we’re not accept the rain
Nothing to be afraid if the night come
Rain in the night always beautiful
We comeback to ourselves again
Everything have passed we must pass
They’ve already gone to empty place
Think all that we have done like this
Sometimes we are regret or fun about it
But we must pass this feeling too
Why we can not see their perfectness?
Our heart always singing for this wisdom words
“Nothing last forever cause everything is changing “

See again the trees and red sky
A tree look standing alone
Why we are not bored to see them?
We have beautiful heart within
All the things are beauty cause we see with this beautiful heart
If there’s beautiful things appear
Then always beautiful heart in there
We always see that they are always new for us
Happy to see them every time that we needed
Seeing the sun always makes warm in our heart
Night always come and we didn’t remember daylight again
We are here to accept whatever situation come
Don’t be deceive about everything
Sun within our heart will show us
All the good thing that we need
We just let ourselves using our beautiful eyes to see
Gray leaf flying where the wind blows
We see with amazing in our heart
Universe in the single leaf and we see alone
The crescent moon in the night is perfect

Human emotions always change like the wind
Sometimes they think more better then the others
Don be sad cause what they say and let them singing their song
Just to know that they are actually lonely and sad people
Always maintain feeling compassion to them
Don’t let them take our happiness
Always remember and repeat again in our heart
Our happiness more precious then anything
Our destiny is happiness
They cannot cage our mind
If we want free and we become free
Trust ourselves about our nature
We just grateful for all that simple things that we have
If we can see more clearly and there’s no reason to be sad
Birds always fly in the sky with happiness in their heart
Don’t distract from our path
Don’t let clouds hinder our sun
Don’t let sadness hampered our happiness
Don’t be easy to feel irritated from the other saying
When this moment come, this is time to clean our mirror
We know there’s no stain in there
Let happiness always shine in our heart
Bright and perfect

Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 6:40pm

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