May 2, 2009


Seeing puddle of the water in the night
The moon in the dark sky is cover by cloud
Still we can see the shadow of the moon on the water
The trees are wet after the rain
Seeing drops of water fall from the leaves
Image of the moon become break
We glimpse ripple on the water
Sometimes we want to see it again
But knowing in deep in our heart
We can not see it anymore
Everything look far away from us
Maybe we far away from everything
Never think about it again
Keep walking again
Leave it all behind

Beside the long road
We only see green grass and the trees
We didn’t try to count them
All the things are only one
Seeing and just only seeing
Bright under the streetlight
Listening cricket’s chirp
Always sing their melodious song
We just listening and don’t think
Listen carefully to know their meaning
Listening evening wind
Blowing the green leaves
Feel the coldness completely on our skin
Drops of water touch our face
Surprisingly we feel warm and joy in our heart
We become friend to all

We are not alone
There’s tree and sky always be our friend
We have no reason to be lonely
We look crowded people there
Always dispute each others
But sky and tree always honest
We always hope someone to give us happiness
But we realize our hope is empty
At the end we comeback to ourselves
Keep talking only make us exhaust and tired
Just listening and seeing
Back to ourselves again to see our real nature
Let hiding ourselves in the bush
Alone in the crowd but aware for all the things
So many things that we hear make us deaf
Always believe with ourselves
Don’t entertain ourselves with words
Be center again and we feel peace in our heart
Let’s walk again with everything is our friend
We are please with song of cricket
Though the rain we keep walk
We forget all empty words
Feel happy when listened song of the wind
Everything is talking with their language
We just listen and always be here
Melodious song

Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 1:16am

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