May 15, 2009


All the roads are going nowhere
Where to start and begin
Where will them end?
But rain in the outside seems never end
Why will hope to stop it?
I am not going somewhere
I enjoy the rain
and listen its rhythm
with a cup of tea as my friend

In the world of uncertainty
I know nothing
It’s useless to collect many things
All of them will be vanish
And don’t be proud with this body
It will decay and going to earth
Better asking for the rain
To wash everything
Nothing remain
I am nothing
Only dust in the wind

I look up to the sky
and seeing the stars
Always bright in the dark sky
Smile to me with honest
There’s no shadow in their faces
They are always be my friends
I understand what they say
Words, not only just words
Now they are alive
Because they come from the soul
Those words come from the pure heart
All those words will grow
Although in the sand desert

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