April 30, 2009


Leaves look glitter at the rain come
Single drop of water falling down
Later another drop come again but from another leaf
Birds always fly among the trees and didn’t care about the rain
Butterfly flying happily
See the green leaves on the tree,
Leaves always moving when the wind blow
Breeze make leaves move with gentle
See open sky, we see everything gray
Seeing water on the misty mirror and the other side not wet
Everything move without end and return with another form
Nature always changes
Grateful for the rain and receive the rain completely.
Listen song of the wind
Our heart listen beautiful rhythm
We just listen and never forget it
Heart always pure whenever everything come
Another position maybe look better than we have
Seeing at the top of mountain, everything look beauty
People live in the mountain maybe didn’t see
They must climb to the top to see everything
Sometime everything look bad and become worse
Sometime we have many problems can not be solved
Sometime we sad because lost something
Sometime we hate for someone
Sometime we feel sad because our hope not fulfilled
We just change our point of view,
All problems disappear for themselves.
We see beautiful things that we always forget
If we see so near we didn’t see another view
The door not only one, there’s many doors,
We must know and believe
Problems still there but we didn’t bother anymore
We are not try to find the answer the question,
Because the problem not from right or wrong answer
The problem come from the question itself

_____Suspicion by Chuang Tzu
Once a man found that his axe was missing,
and suspected his neighbor’s son of having taken it.
Observing the youth walking around,
the man was convinced that his was the walk of a thief.
The youth looked like a thief.
The youth looked like a thief and talked like a thief;
everything he did pointed to his having stolen the axe.
Then one day the man happened to find his missing axe.
After that he noticed his neighbor’s son
wasn’t behaving like a thief anymore ______

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 6:19am


Let the air that we breathe fill our heart
Enjoy all tenderness and subtle feeling
Open our heart to see and don’t depend with eyes only
Keep believing and always ponder with full of our heart
Everything is perfect, already perfect and good and there’s no defect
The world is full of beautiful things and sometimes we don’t see
Let the air fill our heart again
Feel our body like the air that we breathe
See unity of all the things
All come from the One and return to the One
Ceaseless arising and nothing hinder them
Let them fly where they pleased spread their wings
Reach and touch empty sky and we don’t see anymore
Sometimes we see and think they return
Look them again, they are different, and let them fly again
There’s nothing that we afraid, just accept them
Look their empty appearance
We still on the boat, and sea always bring us to the sea again
There’s flying fish come out from water without our anticipation
Spontaneous and uncontrived, there’s no cause for their appearance
Sometime we refuse our pain and search the pleasure
But sometimes again, after we reach it, we want search another one
Pain and pleasure like two face from one coin
We can not run from our shadow
Just receive our shadow, and shadow become nothing
All the things come from within ourselves is ourselves
Accept them and we make ourselves complete
Reject them and we make ourselves broken into many pieces
Like a host, always treat guests with good manner
Just give smile with honest heart
Let them come in or out from our home
We know who we are and our position
Don’t feel discourage and tired
We just come to ourselves again, we are here
We’re not going anywhere
We always be here before we think and do something
All thought and things maybe distracted us
Still we are here and return to ourselves again easily
We can not see the wind but we can see the wind blowing something
If we try more patient to see, we can see their manifestation
All the doors will open to us
We see same things like never see before
Bright and perfect

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at 7:41pm

A Dog & Prostitute

Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "A prostitute was forgiven by Allah,
because, passing by a panting dog near a well and seeing that the dog was
about to die of thirst, she took off her shoe, and tying it with her head-cover
she drew out some water for it. So, Allah forgave her because of that."
Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 54, Number 538

(Another comment are welcome,this is my humble interpretation)
We must have feeling compassion to all living being,not human only,
but for animal too, even a dog. Sometimes we think dogs are animal that
we avoid and didn't like to touch or help them.
Don't feel or think our sin is not be forgiven by Allah.Like prostitute in this story,
she has still have right going to heaven,because she only give water to dog.
It's amazing ,only simple good deed with honest heart,Allah forgave her
because Allah compassion and always give mercy to human being and
Allah decision always good and always right.
Simple good deeds and honest when doing something and then Allah will always
give the best one to us later.We try to help,everything near us,
maybe we only simple man and we are not politician or rich man,
we can help everything near us as honest that we can,
and we know Allah always give the best to us,even simple good deds that we do.
Allah compassion to human is unlimited,we are human being have many weakness
and don't think we are going alone to heaven because our prayer/fasting etc only.
Allah know everything in our heart and Allah always most powerful,we can not doing
something without Allah give help to us and give strength to us.
At the end I quote, another story that related about simple good act
and hones heart to a dog
Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "A man felt very thirsty while he was on
the way, there he came across a well. He went down the well, quenched his thirst
and came out. Meanwhile he saw a dog panting and licking mud because of
excessive thirst. He said to himself, "This dog is suffering from thirst as I did."
So, he went down the well again and filled his shoe with water and watered it.
Allah thanked him for that deed and forgave him. The people said,
"O Allah's Apostle! Is there a reward for us in serving the animals?"
He replied: "Yes, there is a reward for serving any animate (living being)."
Bukhari: Volume 3, Book 43, Number 646:

__________“Allah does not judge according to your bodies
and appearance but He scans your hearts and
looks into your deeds"
Prophet Muhammad S.A.W___________

Thursday, February 12, 2009 at 10:17pm

You'll Never Walk Alone by Gerry and The Pacemakers (Song Lyric) Share

When you walk through a storm hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of the storm is a golden sky
And the sweet, silver song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown.
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone.
You'll never walk alone.

Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone, you'll never walk alone

Thursday, February 12, 2009 at 6:15pm


When the rain comes, fill your heart with rain
Receive and always open as usually
Listen pulsation of everything and their nearness to you
Touch something like touch everything
Feel your fingertips when you pick up a cup cold tea
When your feet touch the floor and you know the floor is cold
See and feel near things carefully and completely
Black ants are run to the dark place to hide
Search dust at the corner of the wall
The dark night become bright
The trees reflect light from lamps
Water on the leaves look bright and glitter
There’s still dark shade but the other side is bright
Alone to see the rain and feel gratitude being special
Seeing from distance, we only see open space
Rain always make tree bow happily
There are always glitter things when the rains come
Seeing everything is good and grateful within our heart
We are perfectly here, silent and feel free
Forget everything and leave as they are
Raindrops touch our hand and our face
Cold in the body but refreshing to our mind
Listening sound of the rain
Rainbow in our heart like in the sky
Beauty and always there and vanish for itself
Here again, we see brown smooth table and blue chair
Seeing the wall painted with white
Shadow within our heart as if nothing
Empty everything and everything is changing
Look within, happy to be alone
Be free is being alone but not lonely
Receive everything and complete surrender
Listen our heartbeat and feel our body
Look and feel completely
Be happy, always return to yourself again
No matter how far they go
They should return to you again
Feel again see the uneasiness completely
Look them again, return to be near you
Be here totally, don’t loose you sight,
Aware and always back in home again
No matter clouds appear, always see with clear eye
Don’t try to change and you become free

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 6:34am

Seeing #2

See everything around us
We only see green grass that limited by the sky
Give smile to everything
See the pond at silence place and we feel serenity
We feel beauty of the things if we see at distance
Everything near to us is hidden precious too
Seeing too close make us be blind
We didn’t see although our eyes open
Giving smile to someone
It’s wonderful to feel this simple act
It’s precious things that we have
Birds usually be there, but now they are not there anymore
We are not longing
If there’s no birds, we can see the trees
Appear or not, we didn’t search to see
We see everything that appear to us only
Everything is changing
We open for everything
Our heart like mirror
Images always change but mirror always clear
So many images appear but mirror is taintless
We feel cold wind in the rain
Hear people still talk about something
Sending the air from their mouths
Like echo, we don’t understand what they say
Do they understand each others?
The road is long and we always grateful
We can see the trees beside the road
Still and if we see again, there’s green grass
The tree on the hill ,only small tree
Standing alone there
See the rain with happiness within
See emptiness everything
Close our eyes and feel it
Open our eyes and feel it
Be alone and happy with emptiness
Everything and everyone become special
They are our friend now
Everyday they give greeting to us
Keep shining and keep smiling
There’s sun in the rainy day
Sun in our heart always bright

Sunday, February 8, 2009 at 10:30pm

Clean - Story about Abu Yazid and a dog

One day Abu Yazid was proceeding along the way
when presently a dog ran alongside of him. Abu Yazid drew in his skirt.
“If I am dry,” said the dog, “no damage has been done.
If I am wet, seven waters and earths will make peace between us.
But if you draw your skirt to yourself like a Pharisee, you will not become clean,
not though you bathe in seven oceans.”
“You are unclean outwardly,” commented Abu Yazid. “I am inwardly unclean.
Come, let us work together, that through our united efforts we may both become clean.”
“You are not fit to travel with me and be my partner,” the dog replied
“For I am rejected of all men,whereas you are accepted of men.
Whoever encounters me throws a stone at me; whoever encounters you
greets you as King of the Gnostics. I never store up a single bone for the morrow;
you have a whole barrel of wheat for the morrow.”
“I am not fit to travel along with a dog,” said Abu Yazid.
“How then shall I travel along with the Eternal and Everlasting One?
Glory be to that God, who educates the best of creatures
by means of the least of creatures!”
Abu Yazid continued, “A sadness invaded me,
and I despaired of being an obedient servant of God……..

Selection story from Muslim Saints and Mystics Episodes from the Tadhkirat al-Auliya’
(Memorial of the Saints) by Farid al-Din Attar Translated by A. J. Arberry

Sunday, February 8, 2009 at 9:21am

Think About the Times by Ten Years After (Song lyric)

Think about the times when you're happy
Think about the times when you're sad
Think about the life you're living
Think about your life and be glad
You are living
You are in the world
And your life belongs to you
You are living
You are of the earth
And the earth is of you, too
There'll be times when you're lonely
There'll be times when you're down
There are times when you remember
with a smile or a frown
You are living
You are in the world
And your life belongs to you
You are living
You are of the earth
And the earth is of you, too

Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 6:46pm


Sometimes seeing the tree and open sky
Sometimes seeing clouds and feel cold wind
There’s something unexplainable
Something hilarious
Seeing with surrender in our heart
Silent always say something
Everything have precious meaning
Happiness always be here
Not something out there
Open our eyes and look around
Always stand at center
We are here, never going outside
Birds always happy on the wet wire
Rain gives hidden beautiful meaning
Raindrop on the pool of water
Clear and bright reflection
Rain make everything wet
Earth always receive everything
Maybe so far to reach but we don’t need reach it
We just only see and sit quietly
If we try to grasp and there’s feeling so far and near
Seeing reach everything
Nothing more important than to see as seeing only
Seeing ocean and we don’t see borders, we only see the sea
We come to here again, and see glass on the table,
Drink a hot cup of tea with feeling happy in our heart
We feel alone and very special
We are drinking as if only for ourselves alone
Look as special gift to us as if from heaven
Sometimes pain, let see the pain as pain only
Sometimes guilty, let see the guilty as guilty only
Everything is right, nothing bother about anything
Nothing to be corrected, and nothing to modify
Simple and perfect

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 10:12pm


Now is clear
See everything with new perspective
There’s nothing to obstructs everything to appear
Search complete emptiness
Be empty within and see everything empty
Emptiness become emptiness again
See again and again their emptiness
Empty is empty and can not explainable
Nothing here and there because everything is empty
Always perceive with completeness
Shine the light for everything that already appear
See everything with sun awareness
And everything melted
Solid thing become like shadows
See everything become nothing
Come back and return to the source
Change position to become Host again
Feeling enjoy cause in our home
Everything is clear and perfect
Guest maybe come and go
Host always in his home
Guest is nothing if Host not stay in his home
Appearance is creating The One
Knowing them exist from The One
Everything rise within The One
And for The One again they are return
Nothing outside The One
And always witness everything
This time you get certainty
And don’t bother anymore about nothing

Monday, February 2, 2009 at 9:39pm


Beauty and perfect
All that I see very clear and bright
Cold wind is refreshing and my heart feel warm
Looking through window and sky always open
My heart feel elated
Why think many things ?
Just be here and see look around
Beauty and perfect
Everything show themselves
There's nothing to see as more special than other
All the things are special
I am only seeing
Something like fluid thing flow without hindrance
There's no thing to be compared
Everything is bright
Sky is gray but for my seeing is luminous
Nothing is beauty than to know all the things are beauty
It is something real and and special
Still the same,but my eyes look different
Everything says they are happy and singing all the time
Music still be played with melodious song
All that I see very distinct and special
Seeing alone and hearing alone
Empty within,but open for all the things
Beauty and perfect cause nothing abandoned
Be here and released everything
Now not later

Sunday, February 1, 2009 at 7:43am


The substance of the mind is nothing
other than the substance of the universe
Thoughts of joy:
Auspicious stars and promising clouds.
Thoughts of anger:
Rattling thunder and violent gales.
Thoughts of benevolence:
Soft winds and sweet dew.
Thoughts of severity:
Hot summer days and autumn frosts.
Which of these could be diminished?
It is necessary only to follow their rise and their decrease,
To be fully open and to put up no barriers.
In this way you become one substance with the origin of the universe.

___Hung Ying-ming
Selection from The Roots of Wisdom Saikontan/Trans.by William Scott Wilson___

Friday, January 30, 2009 at 11:34pm

That's What Friends Are For by Dionne & Friends (Song Lyric)

And I never thought I'd feel this way
And as far as I'm concerned,
I'm glad I got the chance to say
That I do believe I love you
And if I should ever go away,
Well then close your eyes and try
To feel the way we do today
And then if you can remember

Keep smilin', keep shinin',
Knowing you can always count on me for sure
That's what friends are for
For good times and bad times,
I'll be on your side forever more
That's what friends are for

Well, you came and opened me
And now, there's so much more I see
And so by the way, I thank you
And then for the times when we're apart,
Well then close your eyes and know
These words are coming from my heart
And then if you can remember

(repeat and fade out)

Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 5:49pm

Dream Within a Dream by Chuang Tzu

The one who dreams of drinking wine,
In the morning may be crying.
The one who dreams of crying,
In the morning may go hunting.
When one is in a dream,
One does not know one is dreaming.
One may even dream while in the middle of dreaming.
Only after awakening does one realize it was a dream.
Similarly, only after one experiences Great Awakening,
Does one realize that this is all one big dream.
But the fool thinks he is awake.
He is self-assured in knowing this.
The so-called kings!
The so-called ministers!
Persist in their delusions.
Chu and you are both dreaming,
I say you're dreaming, I'm dreaming too.
This kind of talk,
Its name is "bizarre."
(Translation by Derek Lin)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 at 12:02am

Seeing #1

Seeing there
All the things not they appear to be
See clearly with your mind
All the things are amazing
Moving and still,but still within your eyes
Look as you see alone and you alone to see
Everything that you see looks like watching movie
Meditate their perfect manifestation
Don't see something or someone
Seeing the one

Monday, January 26, 2009 at 6:53pm


Having completed the pilgrimage,Abu Hafs returned to Baghdad.
There Jonaid’s companions went out to welcome him.
“What present have you brought us from your journey?” asked Jonaid.
“Perhaps one of ‘our companions’ is unable to live as he should,” replied Abu Hafs.
This that I have to say can be my offering.
If you observe in a brother a lack of good manners,
discover in yourself an excuse for him and excuse him to yourself accordingly.
If the dust of misunderstanding does not rise as a result of that excuse,
and you are in the right, discover some better excuse and excuse him to yourself again.
If still the dust does not rise, go on inventing another excuse, even to forty times.
If still the dust does not rise, and you are in the right,
and those forty excuses do not measure up to the fault he has committed,
then sit down and say to yourself, ‘What a stubborn and unenlightened soul you are!
What an opinionated and unmannerly and boorish fellow you are!
Your brother offers forty excuses for his offense,
and you do not accept them and continue in the same course!
I have washed my hands of you. You know what you want; do as you please.’ “
Jonaid marveled at these words. “Who can have such strength?” he asked himself.

Quotes from Muslim Saints and Mystics Episodes from the Tadhkirat al-Auliya’
(Memorial of the Saints) by Farid al-Din Attar Translated by A. J. Arberry

Friday, January 23, 2009 at 6:49pm

I Dreamt I was a Butterfly by Zhuangzi

One day about sunset, Zhuangzi dozed off and dreamed that he turned into a butterfly.
He flapped his wings and sure enough he was a butterfly...
What a joyfull feeling as he fluttered about, he completely forgot that he was Zhuangzi.
Soon though, he realized that that proud butterfly was really Zhuangzi who dreamed he was a butterfly, or was it a butterfly who dreamed he was Zhuangzi!
Maybe Zhuangzi was the butterfly, and maybe the butterfly was Zhungzi? This is what is meant by the "transformation of things."


My Comment (different interpretation still welcome)

Can we make different between dream state and wake up state.
Sometime when we dream everything look real,
Because if we have a bad dream,emotion that we experience is same with wake up state.
Sometime when we do all activity in waking up state everything look like as a dream,
Because everything always change,
Sometime everything look like out of our control,same with dream.
Sometime we say to our friend after long time not to see, maybe after 20 years not met,
and say,"Hi,it's look like yesterday and like dream why we met here".
Our perception always change,our body maybe will change,
But we know all that we see and feel,we still we are,
No matter how many change everything, we know ourselves still the same
Sometime maybe we are young or old,or fat or change become something.
We are still same,as simple We are.
We always watch,we always different that we perceive.
Sometime we identify ourselves so easily,
If we think our age and think we grown old,
We always thinks we are weak,we think we become easy get sick,
but we are actually still we are,simple and complete as witness all of our perception.
We know we are dreaming,we know we are waking up.
We always know,we still different with our perception.
Like actor using mask with his face,
Mask can change easily but the real face of the actor still the same
Always happy,everything is change,and still we are the same as we are.

Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 6:29pm


Green leaves always green but look red under the lamp
Night look dark but simple light give full of meaning
But my mind more clearer now
I feel all the things become change so fast that normally
Everything look temporary and transient
Why bother about all simple things ?
Sometime they look smile but hiding their misery
Turn around in the small place that we call the world
They exhaust and tired and longing for another good time
All minutes that we pass sometime have no meaning
They are move so fast without our notice
Growing and become faded,
Nothing remain, like writing in the sky
Because so close and always we ignore
Words always permanent but subject that saying always change
Sometime crying for today maybe happiness for tomorrow
Sometime happiness in this day maybe crying for tomorrow
Learn about human weakness make feel sympathy about people and ourselves
Remember all the good one and forgive everything
Open and receive for all that we meet
We can not avoid ourselves,they are ourselves too
All the thing happen always here because we are here
Like watching something,enjoy performance all artist and their story
if curtain closed,audience go to their home again
Audience always happy,no matter how tragic the story
Sometime we think we are sleeping and wake up again,
Sometime we wake up from dream,and live within dream again
Changing things make clear everything
Night become daylight,and daylight become night again
All human feeling like same too
Nothing strange,always receive our weakness
Be happy because our weakness
And we open to everything and see more clearer
Clear and bright

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 1:00am


One day a man approached Ikkyu and asked:
"Master, will you please write for me some maxims of the highest wisdom?"
Ikkyu took his brush and wrote: "Attention."
"Is that all?" asked the man.
Ikkyu then wrote: “Attention. Attention.”
"Well," said the man, "I really don't see much depth in what you have written."
Then Ikkyu wrote the same word three times: "Attention. Attention. Attention."
Half-angered, the man demanded: "What does that word "Attention" mean, anyway?"
Ikkyu gently responded, "Attention means attention".

— Ikkyu, Zen master

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 5:54am

April 26, 2009

Nothing Happen

Leaves still as they are
I get this meaning
All manifestation are perfect
Smile and I see again
Leaves still moving like before
Like everything nothing happen before
Look there,look again and nothing happen
Everything become perfect
Still same and watch again, it's the same
And where everything now, look like nothing happen
And when the sun arise, darkness disappear
I don't know know where darkness go
Dark become empty for themselves
Butterfly ,still flying near the tree,same like before
Still like before, its like I wake up from sleep in the morning
I feel fresh and happy
Moving clouds and tree at the outside still same
Look complete and everything become pure
Nothing obstruct their manifestation
Green leaves look still and nothing bother them to moves
Wind maybe too fast or gentle breeze will be come,
Leaves only follow the wind
Surrender and accept as what happen to them
Look with narrow minded ,make everything become small
See the light among green leaves
Sky is there and look bright
Their beautiful appearance is perfect,nothing to hide
Something that I remember become nothing
Look as empty,and they are empty
Everything already empty
I know I must make them empty again include myself
Appearance is emptiness,but this emptiness is empty too
Appear again,and empty,nothing substantial about that
Light not only out there but within too,
I don't think they are difference
All become light,All is light

Sunday, January 18, 2009 at 6:03pm

Moment Of Peace by Gregorian (Song Lyric)

Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah

In moment of peace

Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah


Come now, come by our side,
Into a place where you can hide,
We are the sunshine,
Rest your Soul here,
And you'll find,
We are the energy,
We give the world to thee,
Hold up your heart now,
We will ease pain from your brow.

(Sarah Brightman)
When the world is in tatters,
And destruction is near,
You can come with us here.

When the people are strangers,
We will rest here and be,
In a moment of peace.

When the world is in tatters,
And destruction is near,
You can come with us here.

When the people are strangers,
We will rest here and be,
In a moment of peace.


Light up the dark below,
See through the stars,
Reach to the earth's flow
Drift into the joy of our hearts,
Unleash the energy,
Taste of the wine,
Drink as a Soul,
That knows now, power divine.

When the world is in tatters,
And destruction is near,
You can come with us here.

When the people are strangers,
We will rest here and be,
In a moment of peace.

When the world is in tatters,
And destruction is near,
You can come with us here.

When the people are strangers,
We will rest here and be,
In a moment of peace.

In a moment of peace.

Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 6:44am

Guest House (Rumi /Tr Coleman Barks.)

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

Friday, January 16, 2009 at 6:55am

Honestly by Bily Joel (Song Lyric)

If you search for tenderness
It isn't hard to find
You can have the love you need to live
But if you look for truthfulness
You might just as well be blind
It always seems to be so hard to give

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

I can always find someone
To say they sympathize
If I wear my heart out on my sleeve
But I don't want some pretty face
To tell me pretty lies
All I want is someone to believe

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

I can find a lover
I can find a friend
I can have security
Until the bitter end
Anyone can comfort me
With promises again
I know, I know

When I'm deep inside of me
Don't be too concerned
I won't ask for nothin' while I'm gone
But when I want sincerity
Tell me where else can I turn
Because you're the only one that I depend on

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at 7:35pm


I've already found the small box in the river
Who's have the small box?
After be opened,small box is empty
It become useless thing
Everything in the small box only dust
When the wind come, I see they are flying
I let them go and let them fly to follow the wind
Still here,I am only waching
Nothing bother me ,because I am become I am again
I return to myself again
Back to myself and always be myself
Nothing to regret and feel shame
Let fire burning in my heart
Who can save the world? No one
Always know who I am
Looking there and there's nothing,only me standing here alone
Dark night always be my happiness and let celebrate
Don't follow the wind because no one know where wind direction
Look inside and trust oneself and brave to face the world
World always to be created and destructed every moment
I am inhale and exhale my breath,still here within me
This is temporary world,and be happy to know this
Soul always sad,because they entrapped within the body
Everything like rainbow,beauty,but always changing
They are only temporary appearance
Rain in the night like crying
My mind is clear like crystal ball
I don't have any doubt,because nothing to reject or accept
I already throw my broken wing to the river
I walk in the rain,nothing drop of water touch my heart
Fear or safe only state of mind
Drops of water on my window
Look bright and glitter but sky is dark
Perfect and beauty

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 9:20pm

April 25, 2009


See something look small ,because they are so far
Nothing there,they are here now and close
Let them come or not
External thing doesn't come
They are not exist for themselves
They are mirror within yourself
Look as nothing outside
They are coming from within
Pictures on the screen still appear
Dream and wake up, they are same
Fountain always flowing the water
If you look as the same actually you don't see
They make you crawl on the floor
Rest your mind and body,and you know how to fly
Always changing, and see with open mind
See things as they are
And you always reaping everything even in the winter
Pour your happiness and sadness into the transparent glass
You drink again and nothing happen there,where they are now?
You can not find where sadness or happiness now
You know glass still the same,
Everything that you pour into the glass
They are not tainted the glass
if you see glass into the light they are sparkling
Clear and bright
Why choose good or bad
Why blame something
World always like that
We always like leaves
Leaves in the tree moving but they are still in the tree
Sometime wind make them separated,
And leaves flying without clear direction
But earth always receive them
No matter how far leaves flying
Earth is their destination
Let it be and open to everything
Everything come and go without obstruction
There's nothing to regret
Who can blame the space?
Space receive everything nothing abandoned
Move like walking in the air and there's no trace
Open your mind and all burden become empty
Rest your mind like see the sunset at shore
Hope and fear nothing,only see beautiful things
Let everything flowing
And you become door for everything
They appear and subside for themselves

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 7:30pm

Always There

Sun give light to the tree
Tree is clear to see and green leaves look beauty
But cloud is white and sky looks like blue
Green leaves moving and clouds look as if not moving
Wind can not be seen,but wind always there
I see butterfly hide behind the tree
Only me there to see, butterfly actually hide within me
Sometimes move so fast sometime still
They are unpredictable and spontaneous
See like cat waiting mouse
If they are not appear and not moving
I know they are always there
If from within not come yet, beware outside appearance
Nothing boundary within and and external
Everything complete and can not divide
If sun appear without clouds
Clouds still there and they can not escape from myself
Be sure again, they always there,
Clouds always there with subtle form
Sometime clouds become red and I know because Sun behind there
Always moving like before,
Look same moving actually they are not same
Nothing bother me because I see with clear eyes
In the bottom of sea,I know many strange creatures
Some time dangerous,sometime not,
But if I become sea,everything is myself
I can not hide and escape from them
Because nothing exist without sea
No need to hide,appear or not,is alright
Sky always same even everything different under the sky
Sky is all and return to sky,and nothing remains.

Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 8:34am

Al Hallaj,Martyr of Mystical Love (Selection Quotes)

...When people began throw stone at him (Al Hallaj),Shible -so the legend has it- threw rose,and Hallaj sighed.Asked the reason for his sigh,he answered " They do not know what they do,but he (Shible) should have known it". And the saying that "The rose ,thrown by the friend,hurts more than any stone" has become a Turkish proverb....
...When Hallaj was in prison, he was asked "What is love?" He answered "You will see it today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.And that day they cut off his hands and feet,and the next day they put him on the gallows,and the third day they gave his ashes to the wind ....
...When he (Al Hallaj) knocked at Junayds door,the master asked "Who is there ?" and he answered : "ana al Haqq,I am the Absolute (or Creative) truth (or the True Reality)"....
... One of his most touching hymns begin with the words
"Kill me, o my trustworthy friends,for in my being killed is my life"....

(Quote from Mystical Dimensions of Islam by Annemarie Schimmel)

Saturday, January 3, 2009 at 5:50pm


Simple as they are
I still watch them, and I know they are special
They are still bothering me
But I try to ignore them even they are interesting
They are always empty for me
I find and try to posses
But I know they are empty
Empty raising,and still special
Very temptation, but I must asking my self
Nothing in the world is real,they are changing
I try to think like that
I still watches wih clearly in my mind
See beauty is beauty, look only
They already perfect, and always like that
They are appear but empty,
I can not see clearly if I see with with hope and fear
All that I do is to see and see only
Are they only my imagination?
Are they only my dream?
I try to find permanent thing
I must to see and choose the permanent
Loose my hope and fear about anything,
See my awareness
Everything is beauty
Maybe I don't see but I try to accept anything
Sometime beauty and sometime not
And they become beauty for themselves
All that seen is my creation
What actually that I see ?
Cause there's no object to see
Why not try to see with eyes always open
Beauty because there's nothing to see
They are myself,they are my manifestation
They are empty and I already have them
I don't have to posses them
if I pick the flower,flower dies
Know within and let thing as they are
Always like the sun and always impartial for everything
Sun always give light and same to all
Look the sea and they are many wave forms but wave is empty
See as like a dream
Shadow sometime good but don't forget about the sun
Sun always real,shadows are temporary appearance

Thursday, January 1, 2009 at 9:20am

Flow Again

Like a river, everything flow and nothing remain
Look everything become nothing
Let everything appear as they are
Dream will be passed and I know the dawn will come
If terrible thing happen look as nothing
There's can not find place to hide
even though I lower myself to hide
Body become weak,Sky always blue and there's clouds
When I look myself and actually nothing remain and no need to hide
Everything is temporally things and appearance always changing
Look anything with clear eyes and there's no abandoned
Knowing where they come
All obscure thing will clear for themselves
There's shadows but they can not hide the sun
Comeback and always return
Cause I know where they come
Silence is precious but noise thing same too
Grass still green and pleasant to see
All troubles melt away like ice become water again
Actually nothing solid things in this world,they are flowing
Look and nothing to see and nothing to be seen
Happiness come if I know myself
Not expect something,cause there's no expectation anymore
Red roses are red,they are beauty
All beauty is perfect
Nothing to hide,always return and calm within oneself
Don't be shy and be proud or feeling guilty
When everything is coming
Fire always heat that like used to be
Why I want different thing and not let it happen
Let arise or not not arise,don't feel bother about that
Door of the dream always open
Love oneself and external thing,and not to search again
Be complete and be open

Thursday, December 25, 2008 at 11:46am


Let everything flow without end
No more pain and pleasure arrive in my mind
Red always red, black still coming
Why afraid for tomorrow?
Lonely and darkness,
When the moments come always accepted
Now open and nothing abandoned
Don't closed the door
You know there's nothing to hide
Thoughts and imagination mix together
Free floating in sweet place .
Looking to the outside,the windows still closed
Nothing outside.
Always entrapped at the present time
The world still there,always complete for themselves
Leaves still moving because wind,
Still green leaves and sky always there.
Moving without certain direction and they are still unnoticed.
Darkness still there,maybe come now or later
I can not explain how wonderful they are
But they will disappear and appear again
Move again and let rest,doing nothing
Very beautiful,don't you see
Let life flows and live no trace
They are not bothering me, they are myself
and anything arise spontaneously
Very far but they are still within myself

Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 5:01pm


Wake up from dream and let dream begin to start
cause nothing outside dream, and be here now
Look through space and come back to oneself
Sometime appear,Sometime back again to source
Nothing what I say,all become simple and clear
Let it flow,let everything free and rest again
See with bright and clear eyes
Shadow become shadow,Cloud become cloud
Clear as cloud and clear as shadow
Everything not become something new or obsolete
Everything always as they are
Cause they are pure and always new
Distance is so close and always near
Outside is inside,and nothing different outside and inside.
Wave from the see come back to the see again
Their nature always same, wave form always different
but anything is sea,nothing outside sea.
Can you say this wave ,this is sea?
Everything is sea
Nothing there's real moving
Let rest again, birds always in your hand
Don't catch,aware always birds is always in your hand
If you catch,they are flying to the sky and you can not catch them
Complete,because not grasp and simple with open mind
Let dream start and start again, because dreamer not moving from their bed
Nothing what I say,all become simple and clear

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 10:28pm


Because we did not perceive yesterday and not perceive tomorrow,and
present always slip away,still we can not perceive too,and what we perceive
is not time.We ca not perceive time.Can we perceive tomorrow or yesterday?
If we perceive, actually we only perceive memory or thoughts not time.Even
present experience only perception, before we think this is "present".
All perception complete for themselves.If we think like this,make
category, past or present or future,we only make category about our
experience.When we see,we must see object without category,but if this
thinking appear,we see our thinking,don't be confuse between object
that we see and thought that we watch.They are not mix together.No
priority between them, object is object and thought is thought.
If appear without foundation they are disappear within themselves.
If we see like this,everything become pure as they are and complete for themselves.
If only appear once actually still not complete,cause they are
appear,they are always continuously appear and without stop,many thing
show themselves,in perfect manner.Sun always shine,but night still appear and
change daylight to night.Let the night become night,and let the sun still shine.
I don't wanna change,cause impossible,they are become perfect cause they are
changing.Walk through shadow of mind and reality more clearer to
perceive and off course they are clearer for the first time.

Monday, December 15, 2008 at 8:56pm


I asking where they are come and why they appear before me.
Did they exist without me?
So many thinking and so many question.
They are still knocking the door
I try to show my hospitality to them , cause I know they are kind thing.
I open the door but they are not exist.
If they are, and talk to me and persuade me to go outside, to forget my home.
and make me loose direction to come home again.
I say,why going outside, my home is my happiness.
Still I am in my home. I say to them,better you come inside my home.
I like in my home,this is your home too.
Sound on the roof and sound knocking the door still there
I sure, they are my music.Actually nothing there,
Sounds come from my my chair because I move them.

Sunday, December 14, 2008 at 8:36am

April 2, 2009

Sayyid al-Kharraz about Perfection

Sayyid al-Kharraz,"Perfection is not in exhibitions of
miraculous powers,but perfection is to sit among people,
sell and buy, marry and have children;
and yet never leave the presence of Allah even for one moment."

Syech Kharraz tell the simple truth about spirituality.
Sometime, seeker(salik) want to avoid the world,
and he/she forget about worldly thing to reach perfection,
but actually perfection is practice continuously without abandoning social life.
If we close our eyes we don't see anything, but if we open our eyes,
we will be distracted by object.See using our mind, not eyes only.
Meditate and contemplate always,if distract please return again,
never disappointed. Going to marketplace and still maintain awareness
and never forget to remember the path.

Friday, December 12, 2008
From my Note on the Facebook (fuad fuad)

Practice and Enlightenment

All activity is complete for themselves,
there's no end and no beginning,
and there's no different between practice and enlightenment,
when we practice there's enlightenment,
and continuous practice is continuous enlightenment.
We practice not to search enlightenment
cause practice and enlightenment is same.
All activity become enlightenment
if activity is for activity itself not for something else.
(My interpretation about Dogen teaching)

Note from my facebook (fuad fuad)
Friday, December 12, 2008

Present Moment , Precious Moment

I think present moment is precious moment that I ignore.Present moment must feel in completeness.Sometime I feel hurry about something.Example when I drink a cup of coffee ,in my mind still thinking many thing or maybe I am too hurry to drink the coffee .If I doing this actually I don’t drink a coffee ,because activities to become complete, activities must realized with completeness. Present moment and present activity always together to be realized .I must sit in my situation or my activities .Present moment like stand on nail.I feel uneasiness,feel pain and feel boring.Usually I want escape this situation but it is useless cause if I avoid the nail,I am still stand on the other nails.Time like nail.Try to find another best time like future time actually still search pain for itself. If I let myself to receive my situation or receive pain,pain become lesser than before,behind pain there’s nothing special,cause all pain if receive completely become no pain anymore.Time is myself.Present time is myself with complete realization .Try to search another time or waiting or hoping at future time ,like to search my glasses that I actually already have it.Time always the same,like I said before ,if I try to escape pain in another time ,pain will come again.Pain and pleasure must accept in completeness when they are appear at present moment.

I always think about future time.I wish if I get this thing or that thing, I will be happy but to think like that make myself not enjoyed and not thankful for I still have now. Actually so many situation in present moment still hiding within my eyes. I always see that I like too see.I see anything as if they are solid thing.All abstract thing become solid thing.Example I make comparison happiness same with money. Businessman make time same with money. Present moment is simple thing, always rich experience,I must see clearly,see without judgement and thankful for its appearance .Time always complete for itself .Time become eternity if I see present moment with completeness.Time is not calendar time or clock time.Time is human perception and always subjective. Time become sadness or happiness if I think like that.


May 1st, 2008

See small good one, No matter how bad it is

If I reach the sky,maybe after that I must back to earth again.Arrow will going to earth again after reach the sky,when its power is lost.I think to reach the sky or going down to earth is the same. If I am waiting the bus,and I try stop the bust to pick me up but chauffeur of the bus ignore me and I can not going anywhere .Still I can not reach my destination.I see many people, I see many friend already on the bus and they smile at me,watching me alone at terminal .Normally my reaction is I am sad.But If I imagine,the bus get accident and all people die is it I am thankful I am not in the bus or I will be sad cause all people die? If I change my mind all my sadness or my happiness can change quickly.If I am (example) still in the class,not get upper class,is it I am sad or happy? To be happy or sad, I think depend for myself. It is difficult to make the world under my wish,maybe it is easy to change my mind about the world.I must using my mind correctly.Try to see small good one, no matter how bad it is, usually my mind always try to see the bad for anything in the world,this is bad habit that I must change.There’s sometime I see something so interested,or maybe I see someone very perfect,I must change my mind,I must clear in mind,always see good one in myself too.I must know every thing in the world always know in two position,it is depend for myself ,I must know and make sure that. If I consider, human age maybe around 60 years. Dragon (legend snake) maybe long life,maybe it age million years.Dogs or cat maybe can be live 3-5 years.Why I still envy or hate my age or my life or spend my life with sadness. How about butterfly,maybe very short than previous I mention.I see butterfly very beautiful but its age very shortly.Sometime all beautiful thing nothing last forever.I know,so many my believe about happiness is not true.Each thing that I believe maybe sometime very useful but later become useless and entrapped me.If people in the world say is good why I must agree about their opinion.Happiness is a matter change my mind and depend with myself .

April 28th, 2008

Ordinary Day, Ordinary Activity

I consider,maybe my life going routine ,but I am human,my mind can not be jailed.If I remember,I think for many years,I actually must feel gratitude about that.Years passed seem like dream or I think like sleep in one night.If I sleep well,I think nothing to regret, every thing is good.Happiness in life not depend to how long someone live in the world.If one hour I feel happy,is good,and maybe give full meaning in a life time.My life very precious.Routine is good. Ordinary activity get new meaning if I give new meaning for that activity .Why I think another activities are more better.Look closer, my ordinary activities are the best that I have. If birds can fly why they are disappointed about that,because their natures like that.I think If I am boring cause I am lack creativity.If I see same picture every day and I see still same pictures maybe I am not creative.The world is picture my mind.If I see every thing with feeling gratitude and maybe I can not feel boring again about routine situation. See more closer. All beauty came from myself not from flower. All happiness came from myself not from external thing.Maybe daily activity feel the same,boring is from my heart,and it is normal,but feel boring is good.Cause I don't reject feeling boring my boring not influence me again.Boring and happiness ,are the same. All feeling is myself and came from myself .
Cause all feeling are myself, I must receive myself as it is.


April 23rd, 2008

Feel Happy, Cause Life is Too Short

I remember few days ago I hear my friend (not close) passed away.Maybe his age not different so much with me. Few weeks ago my neighbour ,die at accident. Her age maybe same with me too.I think I become too old now even tough my age still about 38 years old.I don’t know, I feel my life will be too short.My hope and my target become useless and I didn’t feel interest again.Normally I usually think my life till 60 or 70 years old,like my grandfather or grandmother .I think my supposition must be revised again.

Many years,my life still busy for anything with many hope and desire.I want many thing and I after success still I need more new target and desire again.Think about death or age maybe topic to avoid for few people, specially when they are still young or someone that pretend they are always young.I think many target and hope are good, but to enjoy that I have now and feel gratitude for my situation now , are something that I forget.Remember why I still alive until now make myself happy.

Hoping something maybe I can feel regret if I can not realized it. Always happy with myself and always remember how short my life, make I think,why I waste and spend my time with sadness.Maybe I feel sad next day but sadness I must change with change situation and thinking that. There is sadness.see sadness and look where feeling sad come,why sadness appear.Remember in every bad situation,there
is good reason why it happen. See goodness in all situation , try to find, maybe little ,but if I make sure and believed in my heart,there goodness maybe can change all bad event become good.

If I think life is too short, I become happy,and I try to enjoy everything with feeling gratitude in my heart.The air that I breath.See sunset and watch rain falling down, or see someone smile .
Because life is too short, my life feel happy.


April 22nd, 2008

Don’t Think that People Think

Don’t worry for someone else think about me.Maybe he/she think I am bad or good,or maybe he reject or ignore me .Many peoples with many head and many opinion ,why I always think about his/her thinking .If I see my thoughts ,maybe in one minutes will appear ten or twenty thoughts.If I compares with someone else maybe same.Its ridiculous for me,why I calculates and guess people thoughts.If they thinks I am bad why I must irritate and If they think I am good,why I must flatter .I do anything that I can do. I am not my body.I am that I am.No matter what happen,do the best and don’t think result .Love myself and love someone else.Love myself not means narcissus .I am not to be identified with body.If I identify myself with body,maybe sometimes when my body weak or became old,I become old too, and I am not self confidence with myself .Maybe I must not consider all someone else think.I must like sun,bad and good for sun,sun doesn’t care about it.Sun always shine everyday .People always many wish , no matter what I can do,I can not satisfies them.

All situation, all position, all that I have,and all myself ,actually is good and the best that I have now.Why I must think that I don’t know and why must think someone thinking.Good and bad,say someone else is never ending opinion .If my situation very bad or I am make many mistakes , I am still I am.I am still myself .My action is not myself. I can be thank for my situation.Everything is good.See small good one in every situation,and later good become good.


April 21st, 2008


Sun always shine.
Every thing under sun get same light.
Sun is not give special treatment between you and I.
Cause everything same under the sun .
Men/women are narrow minded.
Sometime they don’t like heat from the sun,
Sometime they hope rainy day
I must think when heat we must like heat, and
if cold weather we must like cold weather .
Fish must like water, birds must like sky to fly.
I must like my situation as they appear to me.
If I have a bird in my hand,why I must need something not in our hand,
like bird in the sky.
Birds in my hand must same like bird in the sky.
Best thing that I have is feeling gratitude.
Sun always the same,why I,small creature,
become so selfish as if center of universe.
Sun,not treat anything good or bad, bad people think bad and good.
Good people not think good or bad.
Beautiful is the eye of beholder.
If I know good or bad, beauty and ugly ,because my eyes can’t see.
Like love, if I see everything with feeling love, everything become beauty.
Good and bad is mind that be conditioned,
and same with beauty and ugly.
Always shine like a sun.
Be happy is a matter change my heart.
April 17th, 2008

Seems Like Playing Game

I think,I must see all event and anything that I do like playing game. It’s means I must not think too seriously. Like playing game,maybe there’s loose or win when play the game.Effect of the game is make myself have fun.Maybe I’ll win or loose but it will not become bad effect for me cause I know it’s only game.Loose and win like game, all already state or be conditioned by rule of the game.If I think,I don’t like rule of the game and change definition win or loose from game, I become happy because ruled come from myself,and maybe I,ll be the winner for all the game.Because definition determined by me.

Always keep in my mind there’s nothing seriously to make myself become fear or worried for anything. Play my game, don’t think seriously about win or loose. Do anything seriously but don’t think about result. Love that you do and don’t think your target, like fear and hope,always contradicted between themselves.

Be happy cause it’s only playing game


April 14th, 2008

My Thoughts

All my thoughts appear in my mind, pop up like bubble,
so many and try to persuade me.
It’s end less not stop for a second.
Thought are normal but to try catch that thoughts
is useless and vain.
Like to prevent bubble come up when boiling water.
Thoughts is empty when they are appear.
They are exist because we are interest and care to them.
If I try to see them as they are,and they are will
be vanish in themselves.
Maybe its difficult for the first times,in ordinary our
activity with so many activities that we do.
Good thoughts are myself,bad thoughts are myself too.
I don’t want to reject them and I don’t grasped them.
All conflict come from myself.
If I try to fight my thoughts and consider is wrong or right.
Right or wrong thoughts will break my life.
I must accept myself.
Rest my mind,see all opinion,all its empty.
See,as see only,don’t make judged,
all thought will be disappear for themselves.
April 12th, 2008

Simple Act

Simple act,
Traveling 1000 miles start at one step
There’s no progress.
Each step is complete for itself.
Progress is target
There’s no progress.
If there’s progress,there will be target to reach.
Live with small target,and happy for small thing
Maybe something more desired than other
But if we don't choose maybe same too.
Hoping something after get it,it will habituated.
All become normal and no excited again.
Simple act and simple hope
Target become smaller and will be disappear.
April 7th, 2008

The Door Always Open

The door always open
Why I must knocking the door
Why I must to do something
Because already open
I just only walk to come in

Why we longing something
Doing without nothing to be done.
The world is turning around.
Everything have cause
There’s nothing happen cause me only

if I control my self I loose myself
Let it flow,and nothing remain.
Control and action are illusion.
Let it your body floating when swim
If you are panic,you will drowning.
April 6th, 2008

I Think Therefore I am Not My Thinking

I think therefore I am.Rene Descartes give conclusion his philosophy.He started to doubt anything. He want to get foundation human knowledge that can not denied. He doubt all his experience. He doubt the world that he perceived.Until he doubt his thinking,more he doubt his thinking,he knows who doubt his thinking.There’s himself, he is always thinking, and he conclude ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ or ‘I think therefore I am’.
Descartes give foundation modern western philosophy.His doubtful method is very important for searching the truth.
But maybe there’s alternative more radically.Descartes still remain in dualism.He try to make different between body and mind and his doubtful method for method only.If I doubt anything still there’s another I still standing between my thought and I. If I try to doubt against I, and I previously, still there’s I standing that can not objectify. I am not my thinking, not as Descartes say. I think therefore not I am. I am become pure and I am actually can not objectify,this method not method only but it must be consider become existensial
April 12th, 2008

This World is not My Home

The world is not my home
People search nothing for nothing
The world is not real
The world is not seem like that I wish
All that glitter mustn’t gold
Why I must drink salt water
My thirst not quench

If the world is our home why I feel unhappy and feel empty
after all hope and target fulfilled.
Time will destroy my body and extinguish my desire.
Hoping something will blind me.
Hope is illusion.
Future time giving hope,but actually my fulfilled desire in
future time not seems like that I think.

Happiness is thankful.
Happiness is see without illusion.
World become old or I become old ?
Nobody knows.
World is illusion, like dream, all is changing.
Maybe I live 1000 years, but all memory about past event feel like yesterday.

People that I meet, same people too.
The world and people that live in the world,always changing.
I must change my mind about someone,
not someone must follow my mind and wish.

Too close but I don’t see.
I must see clearly.
Illusion is illusion.
See dream as dream,liberated.
Contrary I will be slave in dream world.
April 8th, 2008

My Self

My Self
So many years
Many people that I met.
Hate and happiness
Envy and jealousy
Praise and blame.
Still the same.
Nothing change.
The world still the same too.
Cause nothing to be changed.
Its foolish to change.
No conflict with my self.
I am always I am.
No matter what happening.
Memory of the past,Hope and fear about the future.
Still shadowing my self.
But I know,because I aware about them.
It will vanish and disappear.
Sky always clear,clouds only temporary appearance.
April 4th, 2008 by fuadfd