April 25, 2009


Wake up from dream and let dream begin to start
cause nothing outside dream, and be here now
Look through space and come back to oneself
Sometime appear,Sometime back again to source
Nothing what I say,all become simple and clear
Let it flow,let everything free and rest again
See with bright and clear eyes
Shadow become shadow,Cloud become cloud
Clear as cloud and clear as shadow
Everything not become something new or obsolete
Everything always as they are
Cause they are pure and always new
Distance is so close and always near
Outside is inside,and nothing different outside and inside.
Wave from the see come back to the see again
Their nature always same, wave form always different
but anything is sea,nothing outside sea.
Can you say this wave ,this is sea?
Everything is sea
Nothing there's real moving
Let rest again, birds always in your hand
Don't catch,aware always birds is always in your hand
If you catch,they are flying to the sky and you can not catch them
Complete,because not grasp and simple with open mind
Let dream start and start again, because dreamer not moving from their bed
Nothing what I say,all become simple and clear

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 10:28pm

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