April 30, 2009


Sometimes seeing the tree and open sky
Sometimes seeing clouds and feel cold wind
There’s something unexplainable
Something hilarious
Seeing with surrender in our heart
Silent always say something
Everything have precious meaning
Happiness always be here
Not something out there
Open our eyes and look around
Always stand at center
We are here, never going outside
Birds always happy on the wet wire
Rain gives hidden beautiful meaning
Raindrop on the pool of water
Clear and bright reflection
Rain make everything wet
Earth always receive everything
Maybe so far to reach but we don’t need reach it
We just only see and sit quietly
If we try to grasp and there’s feeling so far and near
Seeing reach everything
Nothing more important than to see as seeing only
Seeing ocean and we don’t see borders, we only see the sea
We come to here again, and see glass on the table,
Drink a hot cup of tea with feeling happy in our heart
We feel alone and very special
We are drinking as if only for ourselves alone
Look as special gift to us as if from heaven
Sometimes pain, let see the pain as pain only
Sometimes guilty, let see the guilty as guilty only
Everything is right, nothing bother about anything
Nothing to be corrected, and nothing to modify
Simple and perfect

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 10:12pm

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