April 2, 2009

Sayyid al-Kharraz about Perfection

Sayyid al-Kharraz,"Perfection is not in exhibitions of
miraculous powers,but perfection is to sit among people,
sell and buy, marry and have children;
and yet never leave the presence of Allah even for one moment."

Syech Kharraz tell the simple truth about spirituality.
Sometime, seeker(salik) want to avoid the world,
and he/she forget about worldly thing to reach perfection,
but actually perfection is practice continuously without abandoning social life.
If we close our eyes we don't see anything, but if we open our eyes,
we will be distracted by object.See using our mind, not eyes only.
Meditate and contemplate always,if distract please return again,
never disappointed. Going to marketplace and still maintain awareness
and never forget to remember the path.

Friday, December 12, 2008
From my Note on the Facebook (fuad fuad)

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fuadzen said...

Spiritual practice in the midst activity,always aware and always practice every time