April 2, 2009

See small good one, No matter how bad it is

If I reach the sky,maybe after that I must back to earth again.Arrow will going to earth again after reach the sky,when its power is lost.I think to reach the sky or going down to earth is the same. If I am waiting the bus,and I try stop the bust to pick me up but chauffeur of the bus ignore me and I can not going anywhere .Still I can not reach my destination.I see many people, I see many friend already on the bus and they smile at me,watching me alone at terminal .Normally my reaction is I am sad.But If I imagine,the bus get accident and all people die is it I am thankful I am not in the bus or I will be sad cause all people die? If I change my mind all my sadness or my happiness can change quickly.If I am (example) still in the class,not get upper class,is it I am sad or happy? To be happy or sad, I think depend for myself. It is difficult to make the world under my wish,maybe it is easy to change my mind about the world.I must using my mind correctly.Try to see small good one, no matter how bad it is, usually my mind always try to see the bad for anything in the world,this is bad habit that I must change.There’s sometime I see something so interested,or maybe I see someone very perfect,I must change my mind,I must clear in mind,always see good one in myself too.I must know every thing in the world always know in two position,it is depend for myself ,I must know and make sure that. If I consider, human age maybe around 60 years. Dragon (legend snake) maybe long life,maybe it age million years.Dogs or cat maybe can be live 3-5 years.Why I still envy or hate my age or my life or spend my life with sadness. How about butterfly,maybe very short than previous I mention.I see butterfly very beautiful but its age very shortly.Sometime all beautiful thing nothing last forever.I know,so many my believe about happiness is not true.Each thing that I believe maybe sometime very useful but later become useless and entrapped me.If people in the world say is good why I must agree about their opinion.Happiness is a matter change my mind and depend with myself .

April 28th, 2008

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