April 2, 2009

This World is not My Home

The world is not my home
People search nothing for nothing
The world is not real
The world is not seem like that I wish
All that glitter mustn’t gold
Why I must drink salt water
My thirst not quench

If the world is our home why I feel unhappy and feel empty
after all hope and target fulfilled.
Time will destroy my body and extinguish my desire.
Hoping something will blind me.
Hope is illusion.
Future time giving hope,but actually my fulfilled desire in
future time not seems like that I think.

Happiness is thankful.
Happiness is see without illusion.
World become old or I become old ?
Nobody knows.
World is illusion, like dream, all is changing.
Maybe I live 1000 years, but all memory about past event feel like yesterday.

People that I meet, same people too.
The world and people that live in the world,always changing.
I must change my mind about someone,
not someone must follow my mind and wish.

Too close but I don’t see.
I must see clearly.
Illusion is illusion.
See dream as dream,liberated.
Contrary I will be slave in dream world.
April 8th, 2008

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