April 30, 2009


Now is clear
See everything with new perspective
There’s nothing to obstructs everything to appear
Search complete emptiness
Be empty within and see everything empty
Emptiness become emptiness again
See again and again their emptiness
Empty is empty and can not explainable
Nothing here and there because everything is empty
Always perceive with completeness
Shine the light for everything that already appear
See everything with sun awareness
And everything melted
Solid thing become like shadows
See everything become nothing
Come back and return to the source
Change position to become Host again
Feeling enjoy cause in our home
Everything is clear and perfect
Guest maybe come and go
Host always in his home
Guest is nothing if Host not stay in his home
Appearance is creating The One
Knowing them exist from The One
Everything rise within The One
And for The One again they are return
Nothing outside The One
And always witness everything
This time you get certainty
And don’t bother anymore about nothing

Monday, February 2, 2009 at 9:39pm

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