April 2, 2009

Present Moment , Precious Moment

I think present moment is precious moment that I ignore.Present moment must feel in completeness.Sometime I feel hurry about something.Example when I drink a cup of coffee ,in my mind still thinking many thing or maybe I am too hurry to drink the coffee .If I doing this actually I don’t drink a coffee ,because activities to become complete, activities must realized with completeness. Present moment and present activity always together to be realized .I must sit in my situation or my activities .Present moment like stand on nail.I feel uneasiness,feel pain and feel boring.Usually I want escape this situation but it is useless cause if I avoid the nail,I am still stand on the other nails.Time like nail.Try to find another best time like future time actually still search pain for itself. If I let myself to receive my situation or receive pain,pain become lesser than before,behind pain there’s nothing special,cause all pain if receive completely become no pain anymore.Time is myself.Present time is myself with complete realization .Try to search another time or waiting or hoping at future time ,like to search my glasses that I actually already have it.Time always the same,like I said before ,if I try to escape pain in another time ,pain will come again.Pain and pleasure must accept in completeness when they are appear at present moment.

I always think about future time.I wish if I get this thing or that thing, I will be happy but to think like that make myself not enjoyed and not thankful for I still have now. Actually so many situation in present moment still hiding within my eyes. I always see that I like too see.I see anything as if they are solid thing.All abstract thing become solid thing.Example I make comparison happiness same with money. Businessman make time same with money. Present moment is simple thing, always rich experience,I must see clearly,see without judgement and thankful for its appearance .Time always complete for itself .Time become eternity if I see present moment with completeness.Time is not calendar time or clock time.Time is human perception and always subjective. Time become sadness or happiness if I think like that.


May 1st, 2008

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