April 25, 2009


See something look small ,because they are so far
Nothing there,they are here now and close
Let them come or not
External thing doesn't come
They are not exist for themselves
They are mirror within yourself
Look as nothing outside
They are coming from within
Pictures on the screen still appear
Dream and wake up, they are same
Fountain always flowing the water
If you look as the same actually you don't see
They make you crawl on the floor
Rest your mind and body,and you know how to fly
Always changing, and see with open mind
See things as they are
And you always reaping everything even in the winter
Pour your happiness and sadness into the transparent glass
You drink again and nothing happen there,where they are now?
You can not find where sadness or happiness now
You know glass still the same,
Everything that you pour into the glass
They are not tainted the glass
if you see glass into the light they are sparkling
Clear and bright
Why choose good or bad
Why blame something
World always like that
We always like leaves
Leaves in the tree moving but they are still in the tree
Sometime wind make them separated,
And leaves flying without clear direction
But earth always receive them
No matter how far leaves flying
Earth is their destination
Let it be and open to everything
Everything come and go without obstruction
There's nothing to regret
Who can blame the space?
Space receive everything nothing abandoned
Move like walking in the air and there's no trace
Open your mind and all burden become empty
Rest your mind like see the sunset at shore
Hope and fear nothing,only see beautiful things
Let everything flowing
And you become door for everything
They appear and subside for themselves

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 7:30pm

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