April 2, 2009

Seems Like Playing Game

I think,I must see all event and anything that I do like playing game. It’s means I must not think too seriously. Like playing game,maybe there’s loose or win when play the game.Effect of the game is make myself have fun.Maybe I’ll win or loose but it will not become bad effect for me cause I know it’s only game.Loose and win like game, all already state or be conditioned by rule of the game.If I think,I don’t like rule of the game and change definition win or loose from game, I become happy because ruled come from myself,and maybe I,ll be the winner for all the game.Because definition determined by me.

Always keep in my mind there’s nothing seriously to make myself become fear or worried for anything. Play my game, don’t think seriously about win or loose. Do anything seriously but don’t think about result. Love that you do and don’t think your target, like fear and hope,always contradicted between themselves.

Be happy cause it’s only playing game


April 14th, 2008

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