April 2, 2009

My Thoughts

All my thoughts appear in my mind, pop up like bubble,
so many and try to persuade me.
It’s end less not stop for a second.
Thought are normal but to try catch that thoughts
is useless and vain.
Like to prevent bubble come up when boiling water.
Thoughts is empty when they are appear.
They are exist because we are interest and care to them.
If I try to see them as they are,and they are will
be vanish in themselves.
Maybe its difficult for the first times,in ordinary our
activity with so many activities that we do.
Good thoughts are myself,bad thoughts are myself too.
I don’t want to reject them and I don’t grasped them.
All conflict come from myself.
If I try to fight my thoughts and consider is wrong or right.
Right or wrong thoughts will break my life.
I must accept myself.
Rest my mind,see all opinion,all its empty.
See,as see only,don’t make judged,
all thought will be disappear for themselves.
April 12th, 2008

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