April 30, 2009


Beauty and perfect
All that I see very clear and bright
Cold wind is refreshing and my heart feel warm
Looking through window and sky always open
My heart feel elated
Why think many things ?
Just be here and see look around
Beauty and perfect
Everything show themselves
There's nothing to see as more special than other
All the things are special
I am only seeing
Something like fluid thing flow without hindrance
There's no thing to be compared
Everything is bright
Sky is gray but for my seeing is luminous
Nothing is beauty than to know all the things are beauty
It is something real and and special
Still the same,but my eyes look different
Everything says they are happy and singing all the time
Music still be played with melodious song
All that I see very distinct and special
Seeing alone and hearing alone
Empty within,but open for all the things
Beauty and perfect cause nothing abandoned
Be here and released everything
Now not later

Sunday, February 1, 2009 at 7:43am

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