April 25, 2009


Simple as they are
I still watch them, and I know they are special
They are still bothering me
But I try to ignore them even they are interesting
They are always empty for me
I find and try to posses
But I know they are empty
Empty raising,and still special
Very temptation, but I must asking my self
Nothing in the world is real,they are changing
I try to think like that
I still watches wih clearly in my mind
See beauty is beauty, look only
They already perfect, and always like that
They are appear but empty,
I can not see clearly if I see with with hope and fear
All that I do is to see and see only
Are they only my imagination?
Are they only my dream?
I try to find permanent thing
I must to see and choose the permanent
Loose my hope and fear about anything,
See my awareness
Everything is beauty
Maybe I don't see but I try to accept anything
Sometime beauty and sometime not
And they become beauty for themselves
All that seen is my creation
What actually that I see ?
Cause there's no object to see
Why not try to see with eyes always open
Beauty because there's nothing to see
They are myself,they are my manifestation
They are empty and I already have them
I don't have to posses them
if I pick the flower,flower dies
Know within and let thing as they are
Always like the sun and always impartial for everything
Sun always give light and same to all
Look the sea and they are many wave forms but wave is empty
See as like a dream
Shadow sometime good but don't forget about the sun
Sun always real,shadows are temporary appearance

Thursday, January 1, 2009 at 9:20am

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