April 25, 2009


Let everything flow without end
No more pain and pleasure arrive in my mind
Red always red, black still coming
Why afraid for tomorrow?
Lonely and darkness,
When the moments come always accepted
Now open and nothing abandoned
Don't closed the door
You know there's nothing to hide
Thoughts and imagination mix together
Free floating in sweet place .
Looking to the outside,the windows still closed
Nothing outside.
Always entrapped at the present time
The world still there,always complete for themselves
Leaves still moving because wind,
Still green leaves and sky always there.
Moving without certain direction and they are still unnoticed.
Darkness still there,maybe come now or later
I can not explain how wonderful they are
But they will disappear and appear again
Move again and let rest,doing nothing
Very beautiful,don't you see
Let life flows and live no trace
They are not bothering me, they are myself
and anything arise spontaneously
Very far but they are still within myself

Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 5:01pm

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