April 30, 2009


Green leaves always green but look red under the lamp
Night look dark but simple light give full of meaning
But my mind more clearer now
I feel all the things become change so fast that normally
Everything look temporary and transient
Why bother about all simple things ?
Sometime they look smile but hiding their misery
Turn around in the small place that we call the world
They exhaust and tired and longing for another good time
All minutes that we pass sometime have no meaning
They are move so fast without our notice
Growing and become faded,
Nothing remain, like writing in the sky
Because so close and always we ignore
Words always permanent but subject that saying always change
Sometime crying for today maybe happiness for tomorrow
Sometime happiness in this day maybe crying for tomorrow
Learn about human weakness make feel sympathy about people and ourselves
Remember all the good one and forgive everything
Open and receive for all that we meet
We can not avoid ourselves,they are ourselves too
All the thing happen always here because we are here
Like watching something,enjoy performance all artist and their story
if curtain closed,audience go to their home again
Audience always happy,no matter how tragic the story
Sometime we think we are sleeping and wake up again,
Sometime we wake up from dream,and live within dream again
Changing things make clear everything
Night become daylight,and daylight become night again
All human feeling like same too
Nothing strange,always receive our weakness
Be happy because our weakness
And we open to everything and see more clearer
Clear and bright

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 1:00am

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