April 25, 2009

Flow Again

Like a river, everything flow and nothing remain
Look everything become nothing
Let everything appear as they are
Dream will be passed and I know the dawn will come
If terrible thing happen look as nothing
There's can not find place to hide
even though I lower myself to hide
Body become weak,Sky always blue and there's clouds
When I look myself and actually nothing remain and no need to hide
Everything is temporally things and appearance always changing
Look anything with clear eyes and there's no abandoned
Knowing where they come
All obscure thing will clear for themselves
There's shadows but they can not hide the sun
Comeback and always return
Cause I know where they come
Silence is precious but noise thing same too
Grass still green and pleasant to see
All troubles melt away like ice become water again
Actually nothing solid things in this world,they are flowing
Look and nothing to see and nothing to be seen
Happiness come if I know myself
Not expect something,cause there's no expectation anymore
Red roses are red,they are beauty
All beauty is perfect
Nothing to hide,always return and calm within oneself
Don't be shy and be proud or feeling guilty
When everything is coming
Fire always heat that like used to be
Why I want different thing and not let it happen
Let arise or not not arise,don't feel bother about that
Door of the dream always open
Love oneself and external thing,and not to search again
Be complete and be open

Thursday, December 25, 2008 at 11:46am

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