April 25, 2009

Always There

Sun give light to the tree
Tree is clear to see and green leaves look beauty
But cloud is white and sky looks like blue
Green leaves moving and clouds look as if not moving
Wind can not be seen,but wind always there
I see butterfly hide behind the tree
Only me there to see, butterfly actually hide within me
Sometimes move so fast sometime still
They are unpredictable and spontaneous
See like cat waiting mouse
If they are not appear and not moving
I know they are always there
If from within not come yet, beware outside appearance
Nothing boundary within and and external
Everything complete and can not divide
If sun appear without clouds
Clouds still there and they can not escape from myself
Be sure again, they always there,
Clouds always there with subtle form
Sometime clouds become red and I know because Sun behind there
Always moving like before,
Look same moving actually they are not same
Nothing bother me because I see with clear eyes
In the bottom of sea,I know many strange creatures
Some time dangerous,sometime not,
But if I become sea,everything is myself
I can not hide and escape from them
Because nothing exist without sea
No need to hide,appear or not,is alright
Sky always same even everything different under the sky
Sky is all and return to sky,and nothing remains.

Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 8:34am

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