April 30, 2009

Seeing #2

See everything around us
We only see green grass that limited by the sky
Give smile to everything
See the pond at silence place and we feel serenity
We feel beauty of the things if we see at distance
Everything near to us is hidden precious too
Seeing too close make us be blind
We didn’t see although our eyes open
Giving smile to someone
It’s wonderful to feel this simple act
It’s precious things that we have
Birds usually be there, but now they are not there anymore
We are not longing
If there’s no birds, we can see the trees
Appear or not, we didn’t search to see
We see everything that appear to us only
Everything is changing
We open for everything
Our heart like mirror
Images always change but mirror always clear
So many images appear but mirror is taintless
We feel cold wind in the rain
Hear people still talk about something
Sending the air from their mouths
Like echo, we don’t understand what they say
Do they understand each others?
The road is long and we always grateful
We can see the trees beside the road
Still and if we see again, there’s green grass
The tree on the hill ,only small tree
Standing alone there
See the rain with happiness within
See emptiness everything
Close our eyes and feel it
Open our eyes and feel it
Be alone and happy with emptiness
Everything and everyone become special
They are our friend now
Everyday they give greeting to us
Keep shining and keep smiling
There’s sun in the rainy day
Sun in our heart always bright

Sunday, February 8, 2009 at 10:30pm

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