April 2, 2009

Don’t Think that People Think

Don’t worry for someone else think about me.Maybe he/she think I am bad or good,or maybe he reject or ignore me .Many peoples with many head and many opinion ,why I always think about his/her thinking .If I see my thoughts ,maybe in one minutes will appear ten or twenty thoughts.If I compares with someone else maybe same.Its ridiculous for me,why I calculates and guess people thoughts.If they thinks I am bad why I must irritate and If they think I am good,why I must flatter .I do anything that I can do. I am not my body.I am that I am.No matter what happen,do the best and don’t think result .Love myself and love someone else.Love myself not means narcissus .I am not to be identified with body.If I identify myself with body,maybe sometimes when my body weak or became old,I become old too, and I am not self confidence with myself .Maybe I must not consider all someone else think.I must like sun,bad and good for sun,sun doesn’t care about it.Sun always shine everyday .People always many wish , no matter what I can do,I can not satisfies them.

All situation, all position, all that I have,and all myself ,actually is good and the best that I have now.Why I must think that I don’t know and why must think someone thinking.Good and bad,say someone else is never ending opinion .If my situation very bad or I am make many mistakes , I am still I am.I am still myself .My action is not myself. I can be thank for my situation.Everything is good.See small good one in every situation,and later good become good.


April 21st, 2008

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