April 2, 2009

Feel Happy, Cause Life is Too Short

I remember few days ago I hear my friend (not close) passed away.Maybe his age not different so much with me. Few weeks ago my neighbour ,die at accident. Her age maybe same with me too.I think I become too old now even tough my age still about 38 years old.I don’t know, I feel my life will be too short.My hope and my target become useless and I didn’t feel interest again.Normally I usually think my life till 60 or 70 years old,like my grandfather or grandmother .I think my supposition must be revised again.

Many years,my life still busy for anything with many hope and desire.I want many thing and I after success still I need more new target and desire again.Think about death or age maybe topic to avoid for few people, specially when they are still young or someone that pretend they are always young.I think many target and hope are good, but to enjoy that I have now and feel gratitude for my situation now , are something that I forget.Remember why I still alive until now make myself happy.

Hoping something maybe I can feel regret if I can not realized it. Always happy with myself and always remember how short my life, make I think,why I waste and spend my time with sadness.Maybe I feel sad next day but sadness I must change with change situation and thinking that. There is sadness.see sadness and look where feeling sad come,why sadness appear.Remember in every bad situation,there
is good reason why it happen. See goodness in all situation , try to find, maybe little ,but if I make sure and believed in my heart,there goodness maybe can change all bad event become good.

If I think life is too short, I become happy,and I try to enjoy everything with feeling gratitude in my heart.The air that I breath.See sunset and watch rain falling down, or see someone smile .
Because life is too short, my life feel happy.


April 22nd, 2008

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