April 26, 2009

Nothing Happen

Leaves still as they are
I get this meaning
All manifestation are perfect
Smile and I see again
Leaves still moving like before
Like everything nothing happen before
Look there,look again and nothing happen
Everything become perfect
Still same and watch again, it's the same
And where everything now, look like nothing happen
And when the sun arise, darkness disappear
I don't know know where darkness go
Dark become empty for themselves
Butterfly ,still flying near the tree,same like before
Still like before, its like I wake up from sleep in the morning
I feel fresh and happy
Moving clouds and tree at the outside still same
Look complete and everything become pure
Nothing obstruct their manifestation
Green leaves look still and nothing bother them to moves
Wind maybe too fast or gentle breeze will be come,
Leaves only follow the wind
Surrender and accept as what happen to them
Look with narrow minded ,make everything become small
See the light among green leaves
Sky is there and look bright
Their beautiful appearance is perfect,nothing to hide
Something that I remember become nothing
Look as empty,and they are empty
Everything already empty
I know I must make them empty again include myself
Appearance is emptiness,but this emptiness is empty too
Appear again,and empty,nothing substantial about that
Light not only out there but within too,
I don't think they are difference
All become light,All is light

Sunday, January 18, 2009 at 6:03pm

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