April 30, 2009


Leaves look glitter at the rain come
Single drop of water falling down
Later another drop come again but from another leaf
Birds always fly among the trees and didn’t care about the rain
Butterfly flying happily
See the green leaves on the tree,
Leaves always moving when the wind blow
Breeze make leaves move with gentle
See open sky, we see everything gray
Seeing water on the misty mirror and the other side not wet
Everything move without end and return with another form
Nature always changes
Grateful for the rain and receive the rain completely.
Listen song of the wind
Our heart listen beautiful rhythm
We just listen and never forget it
Heart always pure whenever everything come
Another position maybe look better than we have
Seeing at the top of mountain, everything look beauty
People live in the mountain maybe didn’t see
They must climb to the top to see everything
Sometime everything look bad and become worse
Sometime we have many problems can not be solved
Sometime we sad because lost something
Sometime we hate for someone
Sometime we feel sad because our hope not fulfilled
We just change our point of view,
All problems disappear for themselves.
We see beautiful things that we always forget
If we see so near we didn’t see another view
The door not only one, there’s many doors,
We must know and believe
Problems still there but we didn’t bother anymore
We are not try to find the answer the question,
Because the problem not from right or wrong answer
The problem come from the question itself

_____Suspicion by Chuang Tzu
Once a man found that his axe was missing,
and suspected his neighbor’s son of having taken it.
Observing the youth walking around,
the man was convinced that his was the walk of a thief.
The youth looked like a thief.
The youth looked like a thief and talked like a thief;
everything he did pointed to his having stolen the axe.
Then one day the man happened to find his missing axe.
After that he noticed his neighbor’s son
wasn’t behaving like a thief anymore ______

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 6:19am

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