May 2, 2009


Our seeing can through everything
Nothing hinder our seeing to see
There’s no limit with our seeing
But we always see that we want to see
Always fill our mind with many assumption and prejudice
Just look open sky and everything around us
All assumption melted like ice become water

Can we see the space around us?
Space always with us but we don’t see it
Sometimes see all the things but forget to see the space
Why we’re not to see the unseen things?
Feel cold breeze and sit under the trees
Feel the warm of the sun and drink a cup cold water
Feel the raindrop touch our face and give beauty smile
Seeing always follow our mind
If we changes our mind, seeing will changes
Throwing our assumption and using our heart
Don’t be deceive with normal seeing
Look & see everything again and again
They will show their perfectness to us

There’s blue sky and clouds
But we see them only as background
We always think something more important then others
We only see the actor but we don’t see everything around him
Something look important after we have lost it
And then we already know its usefulness

Simple wish to enjoy sleep well maybe it’s too luxury for few people
We eat but we don’t feel it
We always busy with our empty thoughts
Food from our mouth going to stomach like nothing happen
We always talking to someone but actually to ourselves alone
Fill our mind with self interest thinking

We try to forget oneself
Fill our empty heart with external things
Searching and try to have everything around us
We always feel unrest in our heart
Look busy everyday and don’t know what we search can make us tired
Sometime all that glitters is not gold but we always fool ourselves

Maybe we perceive time move like the wind
At the end we standing alone to face ourselves
If we think about our life, we feel like illusion or dream
We always limited our understanding about time
Time is not things that we modify and quantify with our definition
Time is always here and now and we always be with Time
Why we always search another time to reach our happiness
If we can not happy for this time we can’t find happiness at another time
Happiness enough for happiness
Time for happiness is this time

We are like beggar with using golden bowl in our hand
Just remember ourselves that we have precious thing inside
All the truth is plain to see
Maybe our eyes open but actually closed
Still same eyes to see same clouds in the sky
But we hate rain if hinder us to going outside and make our clothes wet
We hate sun if too bright and irritated our eyes and make our body sweat
Praise for the rain and praise for the sun and feel gratitude in our heart
Rain and sun become our friend and give the fullness to us
Smile to the sun and sun give smile to us
Smile to the rain and rain give smile to us

We are always limited oneself to single perspective
Maybe it's useful for one time but another time its useless and danger to us
Why we choose our life like actor and want to hide our misery with mask
We fill tired because its difficult to remove the mask that cover ourselves tightly
We must going to the mountain to see everything around us
Perfect or not is depend with us only
Just to see perfectness of everything
Open our heart and everything will show themselves with fullness
Perfect and beauty

Monday, March 2, 2009 at 5:58am

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