May 2, 2009

Sitting under the tree

Sitting under the tree in the noon
We don’t expose ourselves to the sun
The breeze gently touched our body
We feel sleepy
Our eyes need be closed

Sun in this day very bright
Don’t stare the sun directly
Our eyes feel irritated
Why we didn’t see something else?
The sky is blue and clouds are white
So much more that we see actually
Why we don’t see?

Everything under the sky always change
Hearing birds chirp on the tree
Just see everything that manifest to us
We will go nowhere
Only feel this moment completely
Our purpose is purposeless
Let this feeling changes
Let another ones come
Accept all our feeling

Everything in this world is uncertain
Who can predict them accurately?
We always think and guess
We think that we know everything
Actually only assumption
Assumptions are cover our direct seeing
Learn to see simple thing
All assumptions appear but we just see
Let assumptions subside
Let things arise as they are

Sail to the end of the sight
We feel everything is perfect
This is long and straight road
It is not a matter how far we can go
Our destination is not to reaching something
Each step that we do is the end for itself
One step is perfect step
We pass this moment
Not from now to the future
But from now to now

When the sun is bright at the noon
Why longing for the sunset in the afternoon?
Why afraid the dark when sunset is ended
We always searching for the best of time
At the end when the time come we feel lacking
Lacking for everything
Everything is not substantial things
Everything is changing
All the things like flowing water
All rivers going to the sea
We realize now
We are still here
Sitting under the tree

Friday, March 20, 2009 at 7:28am

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