May 2, 2009

Sitting by window

We feel cold at this night
Let’s drink a cup of hot water
Our stomach feels warm
This is a special event
We feel like never drink before
See the stars in the night sky
They’ll always be there
Small and bright in dark sky

People always forget themselves
They always talk about changing things
Listen what they say
We just listen
Nothing that we can do
Only watch our mind
Listen melodious song within our heart

We are like leaves on the tree
Sometime green and sometime gray
All of them will soon disappear
Time is always choose the best
Gray and green leaves are the same
We don’t know which the wind will blow
Leaves falling around the tree
No matter how far they fly
All leaves falling to the earth

How long can we live?
We are humans
Fragile and weak
Can we remember words that we say?
We’ve always broken our promises
Always talk with mouth only
Eternal vows are meaningless and empty words
Always humble with ourselves
We make plans but God knows best
Always repent of our weakness
Return again and watch our heart
Don’t say a words
Better learn to keep silence
Silence is golden

Nothing can bother us
Sun always smile everyday
Birds always fly among treetops
Don’t show gold that we have
Don’t seduce a thief to steal
Let’s enjoying the moon
Who can steal the moon?
Shadow come in the high place
Cold of the wind on top of mountain
Nothing to say again
Our lips are sealed
We are ready to sleep

When the flowers bloom on a wooden fence
Maybe no one see them
But flowers will bloom
Not depend to us to see
Like flowers in the sky
Nothing seems real
We have defect in our eyes
Sky is pure
Flowers in the sky will bloom and wither
Sometimes illusion look beauty
But we know in our heart
They will appear and subside for themselves
Like nothing happen

Look over there
Sitting by window
We feel sad about their condition
We sympathize with them
We talk to someone that we care
But we care for what?
Sometimes we always find a reason to please ourselves
Sometimes it’s easy to find a reason to be sad
So many hidden motive in our heart
So many creatures in the deep sea
if we don’t know then we will forget ourselves
We are controlled by external things
Like the puppet in the hand of a child
We think we help someone
But actually someone help us
We always watch ourselves
We know our weakness
We know ourselves and see within our heart
There’s nothing to worry about it
Cause we can catch the fishes immediately

Maybe we make some mistakes again
Always forget our happiness within
Looking at other people like foam on the ocean
We smiles to depth of our heart
We always pray to them
May all human beings be happy
We listen what they say
But we listen to our heart too
We pray for their happiness
We are shadows behind everything

Don’t think too much
Blood and skin is impermanent
Don’t see their body only
There is soul within these body
We always know
Every soul is beauty
They come from eternity
Body and skin belong to earth alone
We are dust in the wind
Nothing it’s real
Nothing to be proud of
Birds chirp always same but they are honest
Never forget their promises
Always be there
We just give simple smile again
And keep silent again
Be ourselves
Always be here
Sitting by window

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 3:55am

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