May 2, 2009

The Light #2

As I walk in the morning
I see the sun covered by fog
I praise to the sun and say:
“Your light is bright and beauty
You give the light to everything”

Sun whisper in my ear
Sun praise me too:
“My light is coming from you
My beauty is a only reflection yourself”

I reply to the sun:
“I’ve search within my self
I didn’t find the light within me
My body so weak and fragile
I am composed of blood and skin only
I see nothing but a dark substance “

Sun whisper in my ear again:
“You are everything
I am here only for you
My light is your light
You are more than you know
There’s deep secret within you
This secret place is within your heart
Surrender yourself
Try to search again
You can see The Light
This Eternal light always shine in your heart ”

I am dumbfound
I bow to the light within me
Even though I think that I am nothing
There’s hidden treasure in myself
Always show me who I am
Happiness raise within me
It bring tears of joy to my eyes
My faces soaked of tears
I put smile on my face
Grace and peace fill my heart

As I see on the outside
I see the light within
As I see within my self
I see the light on the outside
Give Light to everything
May The Light give The Light to all


He is overflowing with God's light --
he has broken the cup of the body, he is Absolute Light.
(The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi, p. 314)

Sometimes in order to help He makes us cry.
Happy the eye that sheds tears for His sake.
Fortunate the heart that burns for His sake.
Laughter always follows tears.
Blessed are those who understand.
Life blossoms wherever water flows.
Where tears are shed divine mercy is shown.
( Rumi in Mathnawi)

The house of the heart that remains without
illumination from the rays of the Magnificent Sun
is narrow and dark like a miser's soul, empty of
the Loving King's sweet taste. The Sun's light
does not shine in that heart, space does not expand,
doors do not open: The grave would be more
pleasant for you -- so come, arise from the tomb of your heart!
(The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi)

To praise is to praise how one surrenders to the emptiness.
To praise the sun is to praise your own eyes.
(The Essential Rumi,Translations by Coleman Barks with John Moyne)

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