May 2, 2009

Serene Heart

Mist on the lake in the morning
Cold wind gently touch our face
Seeing lake and hill beside the road
Wind blow over the surface of water
Ripples on the water appear continuous
It is easy to find the silent place
But it is difficult to find peace of heart
Search outside ourselves
It can not fulfill our thirst
Let lake in our heart be calm and clear
Then we can see what world as it is
See our face without bias
Accept the world like open sky
Praise for the rain when come
Just look with our heart
Best place that we love
Serene heart

Our mind always unrest
Gently touch make thoughts ripple out
But we know their rhythm
Thoughts are not reflecting the reality
They are shadows of our mind
We don’t search or hide from these shadows
We let them still there and pass on
Praise them like meet our old best friend
Shadows appear as empty appearance
Reality always be here and kind
We know reality always that we love
Serene heart

Our narrow assumption make us blind
We cover that we see with many assumptions
Everything become a projection of our fears and hopes
See everything around us clearly
Let they talk for themselves
We must listen carefully to know their beauty
Always praise the beauty of the things
Give prayer for the happiness of all people
Then we can see that all the best will return
Receive all kind things in the place that we love
Serene Heart

We must rely only on ourselves
Sometimes when we close to someone else
We make our assumption and too much hope
If we give flowers too much water then they would die
We feel disappointed and blame everything
Why we don’t let the flower bloom?
Let the flowers enjoy the fresh rain water
Nature know the best how to harmonize with everything
We always pray and praise their beauty
Butterflies always fly around the flowers
Fly as they wish and free
See flowers bloom but accept them when withered
Bloom and withered are part of us
Let everything flow
We let ourselves always in the best place
Serene Heart

See the sun look small in the sky above
But we know that we see is wrong
Distance making an object look smaller
Distance is relative
Our heart not depend with our seeing
Enjoy the sun when they arise
But don’t hate sunset
We already know how to behave at someone
Give prayer for their happiness
Be open like space to let they walk as they please
We are alone to do this but our heart full of joy
Serene Heart

Remember the good times or bad times
It’s seem like yesterday although a long time ago
But we know everything will disappear
Like river going to the sea
We can not reach and catch them again
It's better to see our memories as they are
They are always best in that place
When they appear in our mind
We enjoy them as if the time is moving
Past & future only be experienced in the present moment
Always grateful this present moment

We see our old picture on the wall
Longtime standing there
We have precious life
When we see the past
So many that we see actually
Life is wonderful
Sometime seeing smile of a child
Sometime seeing stranger with sad face
Now, we see nothing at all
Our mirror already broken
And we can not see our face
We don’t search happiness in the mirror
There’s no use mirror again
We have our real face
Real face that never changes
Bright & warm like in the morning sun

We try remember our promises
Before we are born into the world
When our soul in eternity
Search the meaning our life in this world
Be silent in our mouth
But keep busy to repeat
All holy words in our heart
Feel the sweetness and peace
Serene heart

Sometimes between our feeling and thought are not consistent
We reject the one and choose another one
We will fight with ourselves
Maybe it’s time for us to take a rest
We see our face on the pool of water
Reflection on the water always many faces
Cause we see on the water ripple
Image of faces always changes but water still there
Don’t think about again

Maybe we think that every thing become black
But we don’t mind when the night sky is black
As we talk to someone
We hope they listen to what we say
But they only silent
It doesn’t meant they didn’t hear
Maybe we talk not from within our heart
Or we say something that they don’t understand
Let our heart always be happy and peace
Bury our own body on the earth
Let our body touch the earth
We know when the time has come
This body will merge with the earth
And we know we are nothing
Nothing but dust
And we know our real nature
The Light

Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 4:20am

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