May 11, 2009

Seeing #3

The tree on the hill
The tree sway with the wind
Maybe we don’t see for awhile
We just turn my head
We know that they are still be there
Silver leaves look bright
We always give honest smile
They give me smile too
And we see ourselves in everything

Birds fly to the sky
Never stop to fly
Till they disappear in the clouds
And just a moment
We can not see them again
We see the green grasses
Everything is green
But clouds turn red
Sun give sign to us
We understand what it means
And we see ourselves in everything

We look up to the sky
We see everything is sky
Sky is high and limitless
We see the trees
We see everything is tree
The trees are bright and beauty
We are nothing
But everything actually nothing
A small grain sand is universe
Or Universe in the small grain sand
Clouds are see us
Or We see the clouds
We let our doubt melted
And we see ourselves in everything

Let the rain for us only
Let our body soaked with rain water
Let the sunshine give light for all
We always pray for all
Let the light always be there
May eternal light fills everything
Let the sunshine always bright
And we see ourselves in everything

The road look winding and never end
But we don’t think about that we see
We just follow and believe our heart
The road to our heart is near
Just without effort
We’ve already arrived
And we see ourselves in everything

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