May 6, 2009


We don’t need to do something
Just like see the leafs flying follow the wind blow
We don’t want to predict where they are going to
The world is mysterious place
It is not seems appear that we see everyday

Maybe we see the sea
But actually we don’t know about the sea
We only see the surface of the sea
Not the sea with its fullness
The sea is unfathomable

When our ship was broken on the sea
And we have no strength to swim
Our effort is useless
We don’t need to swim
And there’s no need to reach the shore
We just let ourselves doing nothing
We relax ourselves then we will float
And when our time has come
We know the meaning of the sea
We live in the sea and die in the sea

Sitting beside the window to see outside
We only see sand desert
But our heart feel amazed
Cause we see water & green trees
Maybe our heart tempt to go there
So tempting and difficult to resist
But we do nothing & lose our hope
And accept what appear before us
Maybe we have no strength at all
Let the illusion appear or disappear
Just tell our heart about this illusion
Illusion is illusion

If we walk to go outside
And drink mirage water
There’s danger to follow desire
Don’t depend with illusion
All that we see actually is not real
Because it will hammer our heart
We will fall down and crawl
There’s terrible pain in our heart and eyes
And we can not see clearly the road
But time will always show the way to return
Be careful not to go outside
We already learn how pain to follow the shadows
But after we realize and think about it again
There’s nothing happen
We still sitting beside the window
And enjoy to drink a hot cup of tea
Feel blessed and gratitude in our heart
Simple and perfect

If we walk on desert
We feel hot, tired and thirst
We see the Caravan not so far
We call them and ask for help
We say to them that we need the water
But they don’t give us some water at all
On the contrary they instruct a lion
To catch and bite us
They leave us alone on the desert
Luckily we still alive
And return to go home safely
But when we remember this thing
We don’t hate the desert
We don’t hate the lion
We don't blame Caravan
But we thanks to them
Cause they already teach us about illusion
We feel this illusion in naked face
And never forget to love
For everything have already passed
Always compassion for everything
There's nothing left in our heart
But we always love in our heart
Pure heart embrace everything
Maybe dark clouds still there
See them with smile on our face

We remember about the desert
And dangerous creatures inside it
They are illusion
They are created by our mind
We have known that there’s no outside and inside
We always in our home
All the places around the world are our home
We are the sun that shine the world
We don’t need the light anymore
We are the light and always bright
Why we forget about our real nature
We always here
Why going to desert?
There’s no water on the sand
In our home everything is perfect
Nothing that harm us
Every place is our home
Near and perfect

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