May 2, 2009


Green leaves like silver bright pearl
Everything look bright and perfect
Sun always give us the light
Seeing light beam on surface of the things
Feel amazing for everything that we see

We let our hope melted
Just surrender our heart
And feel God’s grace
Rain arrive abruptly
Praise for the rain
But we see the sun look brighter
So take a deep breath
And feel fresh air
Our mind will expand
Be open like sky

We see ourselves in all
Or All within ourselves
We don’t try to explain
Only simple smile in our lips
The truth is simple
Our heart is serene
We need nothing
Everything is complete

Take a look at to the sky
There's nothing that we see
Only limitless sky
We meditate how small we are
Maybe we don't see the stars anymore
Will we miss them?
There’s no time to remember
We’ve seen emptiness of all the things
We’ve already walked million miles
Only small stones can not stop our journey
And when we try to see again
Knowing they do not exist
We don’t walk to move on
And don’t use our feet again
We just see our destination
And we’ve already arrived

Desert is dry and hot
And cover only by the sands
But we can not see it as significant thing
Our place in the grave yard
Small place to enjoy and forget everything
Our journey is ended in the grave yard
Everything already have gone
Open our heart and look around
We know what we do now
Something that we know before
Maybe is not important anymore
All books cannot explain it
Open the book and we don't get the meaning
We release everything and
Everything will release us

When we look up to the sky
Maybe we can not see the sun
Sometimes night have the moon and star
There’s something mysterious
But we speak too much
Let moving when the sun set
We see the sun set in the red sky
We keep awake
Don't sleep anymore
There's nothing behind everything
but The One
Not knowing this, we've lost
and lost in the center means lost everything
Keep and watch our heart
We'll safe

Are we traveling alone?
Can we meet another traveler?
Let's time give the best answer
We don’t want philosopher's stone
We just want see the black stone
When the night is black
Sun have a meaning to us
And our heart will pray
May peace be upon to us all

Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 7:53am

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