May 2, 2009

Sentimental Swordsman (Excerpts) by Gulong

Since I was a teenager ,I always like to read wuxia novel (Chinese martial art novel)
especially novel from Gu Long (Stories of Lu Xiao Feng [陆小凤系列],Feng Yun Di Yi Dao
[风云第一刀], & Jin Yong (Shen Diao Xia Lu [神雕侠侣] & She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan
[射雕英雄传] )....
But I always like Gu Long style and one of my favorite is
Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword
(Xiao Li Fei Dao [小李飞刀] / Feng Yun Di Yi Dao [风云第一刀]
This below ,excerpt from that novel.....
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Chapter 1: Flying Dagger vs. Quick Sword
The cold wind act as a knife, using the ground as the cutting board, and people as fish meat.
The snowstorm extends for thousands of miles, making everything seem like bright white silver.
In this cold winter snowstorm, a horse carriage came from the north. Its wheels shattered the snow on the ground, but cannot shatter loneliness in the world.

Li Xun Huan yawned, trying to stretch his legs. The inside of the carriage might be quite comfortable, but this trip is just way too long, too lonely.He feels not only exhausted, but also irritated.
He feels that loneliness is the biggest annoyance in his life, yet loneliness frequently accompanies him.

A person's life is usually filled with contradictions. No one can do anything about this.
Li Xun Huan sighed and took out a wine bottle. As he's drinking the wine, he also begins to cough.
His continuous coughing made his pale face appear very sick, as if fire from Hell is burning
his flesh and soul.The wine bottle is empty now, so he grabbed a little dagger and start to carve a wooden human figure. The dagger is thin and sharp, his hand is long and powerful.

The figure is that of a woman, so beautiful and warm under his masterful carving,
looking so full of life.He not only gave her a striking look, but also gave her life and soul,
only because his life and soul is already quietly disappearing under the tip of the dagger.
He's no longer young.Wrinkles filled the corners of his eyes, every wrinkle filled with
all the joy and sadness in his life. Only his eyes are young.This is a strange pair of eyes,
a shade of green, similar to the Spring wind blowing on the Willow leaves, warm and flexible.
Or similar to the sea water under the Summer sun's light, filled with energy.

Maybe it's only because of this pair of eyes that allowed him to live till today.
The wooden figure is finally finished. He mindlessly stared at this figure,
not knowing for how long, and then pushed the carriage door open, jumping out.
The carriage driver immediately stopped the horses.
This carriage driver's eyes are sharp like a eagle, but as those eyes looked at Li Xun Huan, they immediately became warm, filled with loyalty and sympathy. Like a beast looking at its master.

Li Xun Huan dug a hole on the ground, burying the figure he just carved into that hole.
Then he just mindlessly stared at the pile of snow where he buried the figure.
His fingers have now been frozen, his face red from the cold, and snowflakes covered
his whole body. Yet he does not feel the cold. The item buried under the snow is like
the most important person in his life. As he buried "her", his own life also became
filled with emptiness.

Any other person would find this event to be quite strange, yet the carriage driver
is already used to all this. He only said, "It's almost dark. We still have a long road ahead.
Please come back onto the carriage, young master."
Li Xun Huan turned around, finding that there is one set of footprints besides
the carriage, coming alone from the far north, going ahead alone.

The footprints are quite deep, showing that this person has walked very much, is very
fatigued, yet still would not stop to rest.Li Xun Huan took a deep breath, said,
"I can't believe there's someone who will travel in a place like this in this kind of weather.
I think he must be a very lonely, very sorrowful person."
The carriage driver didn't say anything, only sighing in his heart, thinking,
"Aren't you also a very lonely, sorrowful person? Why do you only sympathize for other people,
but forget yourself?"

There's a lot more Pine wood under the carriage seat, so Li Xun Huan began to carve yet again.
His technique is now excellent with so much practice, because what he's carving will forever
be that one single person.This person not only filled all of his heart, but also all of his body.
The snowstorm finally stopped, but the coldness only got heavier, the loneliness thicker.
Good thing the wind also carried the sound of a person's footsteps. Although this sound
is much softer than the horses, it is the sound Li Xun Huan has been searching for.
So no matter how soft it is, it cannot escape Li Xun Huan's ears.

As he pulled up the drapes of the carriage's window, he saw the shadow of that lonely
person walking in front.This person walks very slowly, yet does not stop.
Although he heard the horses, he still does not turn around to look. He has neither
an umbrella nor a hat. The melted ice and snow dropped from his face to his neck.
He only has a single piece of thin clothing.
................... cont'd

Chapter 89: Epilogue (End)
Li XunHuan was quiet for a long while before letting out a sigh as he said slowly,
"When a person is victorious, he will always feel extremely tired and lonesome."
"Why is that?" Sun XiaoHong said.
"Because he has succeeded, he has completed all his goals. There will be nothing
left for him to look forward to. But the one who suffered defeat would actually
be driven to work even harder than before." Li XunHuan said.

Sun XiaoHong bit down on her lips and said, "Then the taste of victory isn't very sweet, is it?"
Li XunHuan fell silent for a while before he let out a smile and said, "Although victory is somewhat difficult to endure, at the very least its much better than defeat."

Success and victory can never really bring satisfaction, nor can it really bring happiness.
True happiness can only be experienced during the struggles that you encounter
throughout your life. If you've been fortunate enough to experience that kind of
happiness, then your life hasn't been lived in vain.

Pavilions were always the place where people met to say their farewells.
Parting always brought about a melancholy mood. Therefore, just the mention
of the word 'pavilion' carried a subtle sense of unhappiness.The rain had subsided,
the grass and weeds were disheveled.



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