April 2, 2009


Sun always shine.
Every thing under sun get same light.
Sun is not give special treatment between you and I.
Cause everything same under the sun .
Men/women are narrow minded.
Sometime they don’t like heat from the sun,
Sometime they hope rainy day
I must think when heat we must like heat, and
if cold weather we must like cold weather .
Fish must like water, birds must like sky to fly.
I must like my situation as they appear to me.
If I have a bird in my hand,why I must need something not in our hand,
like bird in the sky.
Birds in my hand must same like bird in the sky.
Best thing that I have is feeling gratitude.
Sun always the same,why I,small creature,
become so selfish as if center of universe.
Sun,not treat anything good or bad, bad people think bad and good.
Good people not think good or bad.
Beautiful is the eye of beholder.
If I know good or bad, beauty and ugly ,because my eyes can’t see.
Like love, if I see everything with feeling love, everything become beauty.
Good and bad is mind that be conditioned,
and same with beauty and ugly.
Always shine like a sun.
Be happy is a matter change my heart.
April 17th, 2008

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