April 25, 2009


I asking where they are come and why they appear before me.
Did they exist without me?
So many thinking and so many question.
They are still knocking the door
I try to show my hospitality to them , cause I know they are kind thing.
I open the door but they are not exist.
If they are, and talk to me and persuade me to go outside, to forget my home.
and make me loose direction to come home again.
I say,why going outside, my home is my happiness.
Still I am in my home. I say to them,better you come inside my home.
I like in my home,this is your home too.
Sound on the roof and sound knocking the door still there
I sure, they are my music.Actually nothing there,
Sounds come from my my chair because I move them.

Sunday, December 14, 2008 at 8:36am

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Anonymous said...

Why feel like a guest in your own home?
Even if you're dragged outside, you'll find a way to go inside.
The problem with you is that you've abandoned it for so long.
All the doors and windows are damaged
Fixing them can be done only by making new ones with new keys.
Your keys are no longer suited.
The home had always been yours
It will be yours
But you're no longer capable of entering it
If you try and force to enter, you're gonna destroy all.
The door is always yours but you'll have to stay outside, forever.