April 26, 2009


I've already found the small box in the river
Who's have the small box?
After be opened,small box is empty
It become useless thing
Everything in the small box only dust
When the wind come, I see they are flying
I let them go and let them fly to follow the wind
Still here,I am only waching
Nothing bother me ,because I am become I am again
I return to myself again
Back to myself and always be myself
Nothing to regret and feel shame
Let fire burning in my heart
Who can save the world? No one
Always know who I am
Looking there and there's nothing,only me standing here alone
Dark night always be my happiness and let celebrate
Don't follow the wind because no one know where wind direction
Look inside and trust oneself and brave to face the world
World always to be created and destructed every moment
I am inhale and exhale my breath,still here within me
This is temporary world,and be happy to know this
Soul always sad,because they entrapped within the body
Everything like rainbow,beauty,but always changing
They are only temporary appearance
Rain in the night like crying
My mind is clear like crystal ball
I don't have any doubt,because nothing to reject or accept
I already throw my broken wing to the river
I walk in the rain,nothing drop of water touch my heart
Fear or safe only state of mind
Drops of water on my window
Look bright and glitter but sky is dark
Perfect and beauty

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 9:20pm

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