April 2, 2009

Ordinary Day, Ordinary Activity

I consider,maybe my life going routine ,but I am human,my mind can not be jailed.If I remember,I think for many years,I actually must feel gratitude about that.Years passed seem like dream or I think like sleep in one night.If I sleep well,I think nothing to regret, every thing is good.Happiness in life not depend to how long someone live in the world.If one hour I feel happy,is good,and maybe give full meaning in a life time.My life very precious.Routine is good. Ordinary activity get new meaning if I give new meaning for that activity .Why I think another activities are more better.Look closer, my ordinary activities are the best that I have. If birds can fly why they are disappointed about that,because their natures like that.I think If I am boring cause I am lack creativity.If I see same picture every day and I see still same pictures maybe I am not creative.The world is picture my mind.If I see every thing with feeling gratitude and maybe I can not feel boring again about routine situation. See more closer. All beauty came from myself not from flower. All happiness came from myself not from external thing.Maybe daily activity feel the same,boring is from my heart,and it is normal,but feel boring is good.Cause I don't reject feeling boring my boring not influence me again.Boring and happiness ,are the same. All feeling is myself and came from myself .
Cause all feeling are myself, I must receive myself as it is.


April 23rd, 2008

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