April 25, 2009


Because we did not perceive yesterday and not perceive tomorrow,and
present always slip away,still we can not perceive too,and what we perceive
is not time.We ca not perceive time.Can we perceive tomorrow or yesterday?
If we perceive, actually we only perceive memory or thoughts not time.Even
present experience only perception, before we think this is "present".
All perception complete for themselves.If we think like this,make
category, past or present or future,we only make category about our
experience.When we see,we must see object without category,but if this
thinking appear,we see our thinking,don't be confuse between object
that we see and thought that we watch.They are not mix together.No
priority between them, object is object and thought is thought.
If appear without foundation they are disappear within themselves.
If we see like this,everything become pure as they are and complete for themselves.
If only appear once actually still not complete,cause they are
appear,they are always continuously appear and without stop,many thing
show themselves,in perfect manner.Sun always shine,but night still appear and
change daylight to night.Let the night become night,and let the sun still shine.
I don't wanna change,cause impossible,they are become perfect cause they are
changing.Walk through shadow of mind and reality more clearer to
perceive and off course they are clearer for the first time.

Monday, December 15, 2008 at 8:56pm

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