April 30, 2009


When the rain comes, fill your heart with rain
Receive and always open as usually
Listen pulsation of everything and their nearness to you
Touch something like touch everything
Feel your fingertips when you pick up a cup cold tea
When your feet touch the floor and you know the floor is cold
See and feel near things carefully and completely
Black ants are run to the dark place to hide
Search dust at the corner of the wall
The dark night become bright
The trees reflect light from lamps
Water on the leaves look bright and glitter
There’s still dark shade but the other side is bright
Alone to see the rain and feel gratitude being special
Seeing from distance, we only see open space
Rain always make tree bow happily
There are always glitter things when the rains come
Seeing everything is good and grateful within our heart
We are perfectly here, silent and feel free
Forget everything and leave as they are
Raindrops touch our hand and our face
Cold in the body but refreshing to our mind
Listening sound of the rain
Rainbow in our heart like in the sky
Beauty and always there and vanish for itself
Here again, we see brown smooth table and blue chair
Seeing the wall painted with white
Shadow within our heart as if nothing
Empty everything and everything is changing
Look within, happy to be alone
Be free is being alone but not lonely
Receive everything and complete surrender
Listen our heartbeat and feel our body
Look and feel completely
Be happy, always return to yourself again
No matter how far they go
They should return to you again
Feel again see the uneasiness completely
Look them again, return to be near you
Be here totally, don’t loose you sight,
Aware and always back in home again
No matter clouds appear, always see with clear eye
Don’t try to change and you become free

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 6:34am

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