April 30, 2009


Let the air that we breathe fill our heart
Enjoy all tenderness and subtle feeling
Open our heart to see and don’t depend with eyes only
Keep believing and always ponder with full of our heart
Everything is perfect, already perfect and good and there’s no defect
The world is full of beautiful things and sometimes we don’t see
Let the air fill our heart again
Feel our body like the air that we breathe
See unity of all the things
All come from the One and return to the One
Ceaseless arising and nothing hinder them
Let them fly where they pleased spread their wings
Reach and touch empty sky and we don’t see anymore
Sometimes we see and think they return
Look them again, they are different, and let them fly again
There’s nothing that we afraid, just accept them
Look their empty appearance
We still on the boat, and sea always bring us to the sea again
There’s flying fish come out from water without our anticipation
Spontaneous and uncontrived, there’s no cause for their appearance
Sometime we refuse our pain and search the pleasure
But sometimes again, after we reach it, we want search another one
Pain and pleasure like two face from one coin
We can not run from our shadow
Just receive our shadow, and shadow become nothing
All the things come from within ourselves is ourselves
Accept them and we make ourselves complete
Reject them and we make ourselves broken into many pieces
Like a host, always treat guests with good manner
Just give smile with honest heart
Let them come in or out from our home
We know who we are and our position
Don’t feel discourage and tired
We just come to ourselves again, we are here
We’re not going anywhere
We always be here before we think and do something
All thought and things maybe distracted us
Still we are here and return to ourselves again easily
We can not see the wind but we can see the wind blowing something
If we try more patient to see, we can see their manifestation
All the doors will open to us
We see same things like never see before
Bright and perfect

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at 7:41pm

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